Blog events are fun. (More so, when you get free food too :P).

Venue of the meet was ITC Gardenia at 5.30 PM. Thankfully, my office is just round the block and my (super awesome) btwin cleared the traffic in a jiffy. Pedaling my way to the venue was tiring but the mood at the meet surely got me all excited.

And whatever little rustiness was still theer, the opening music act got me rid of that too.

Best part of any Blogger meet is to be with the community. It feels the right place for you to belong, surrounded by bloggers all over the place. It gets even more amazing as you end up meeting new folks. It’s the place where you become friends with the bloggers as well as the place where those blog become faces.

ASUS Indibogger meet, Bangalore

ASUS Indibogger meet, Bangalore

This one was organized by ASUS for the launch of its new sleek devices or as they call it, Sleeek. Yes, with an extra “e”. The theme was #GoSleeekAsusExperience which featured ASUS’s All-In-One PC ET 2040 and the sleeek EeeBook X205.

I have been a fan of ASUS, right from the time I got my laptop. The one on which I still write without any trouble for the last 3 years of continuous hard-core usage. These amazing people had even gifted me their amazing zenfone 5 for this blog. Talk about being awesome. This Asus guy even agreed to take a selfie with some of our folks too.


The meet had an amazing host in the form of Anoop. We bloggers indulged in a little “beg, borrow & steal ” of sorts, by asking for persona belongings from each other. It was fun. More than the activity it was fun meeting lots of new people.

We also ended up performing as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” with the theme of blogging. I personally liked the act of another team which performed on Bollywood dialogues. There was an act on Gangnam style and 300!! Spaartaa as well.

After it all ended. It was time for food. Yes, the biggest attraction 😛

One guy honestly even told,that it was the sole reason for his attendance.

It was an amazing expereince like always to meet fellow bloggers and spend time to meet people who are equally crazy.

In the end, this picture sums it all up beautifully.

.. and it was amazing...#IndiBloggerMeet

.. and it was amazing…#IndiBloggerMeet


Thank you Indiblogger and ASUS for this. Looking forward to many more. 🙂