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The last day

If you thought I was writing about the Mayan’s and their predictions about the Doomsday, then let me tell you, you were wrong. It is actually the last day before this much-needed-holiday (1 Month!) ends.

This vacation just proved just how much I was missing family, friends, and FOOD!!!
Being away from home isn’t new for me, but being away from family definitely is. I remember doing this one thing, especially when I used to be upset, i.e., to eat good food. Good food in, bad mood out.

But, Alas!! Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine.

Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine. Leaving aside my foodgasm, let me get to the point, this introduction part is getting too long. I’ll describe the last day, which in many ways sums up the whole vacation.

Letting my Body clock wake me up

Waking up on my own watch is an amazing feeling. Don’t you think ? Sleep to your heart’s content is like letting your morning start off with a victory.

Same Breakfast, Different place

Having masala upma for breakfast which is far better than what I get in my South Indian college mess. Such Irony, I tell you.

Morning of Appreciation

Good morning’d by a mail from Blogadda confirming that I have been shortlisted for the “Notable Newbie” blogger along with many other bloggers. Feels good to be appreciated and then boasting about it here. This was like an icing on the cake after all sorts of appreciation for my work during SUPA.

Foood. Good Food.

Fish curry in the lunch, deliciously made. If at all, I need to single out the percentage of non-veg food I’ve had during this whole month, the ghaans phoons would surely be in single digit scores. Sorry, can’t help it, just born this way. Although, Xime and Bangalore have tried changing it, but only to increase my love for it. Wo kehte hain na, Dooriyon se badhti hain Nazdeekiyan. (Distances bring you closer).

Friend drops by on Time

My friend arriving before time to pick me up!! Well, that had never happened before nor will happen again. So, after a brief wait, when he arrived rode to meet many of my high school buddies. Many were surprised to see me(pleasantly, I hope), some even hitting me as to why I cannot just extend my leaves for a few more days. In between lots of catching up, trying to click photos without flash in almost dark places, “career” discussions, exams, talks about old flames, whose-upto-what, and lots!! All this gupshups can never finish and so rightly so it didn’t. Yet had to get off post bidding people good byes.

And more friends to meet

After high-school, it was the turn of the guys from college. Not many there, so the two closest ones got the whole time that I could spare. They even stopped me for a pre-dinner “Dinner”. Well, this is that dinner, where you don’t fully stuff yourself but keep a little space for home food and if something of your liking is there at home, than you just go ahead with that as well. Else, your stomach signals a Red light. With promises to be present early morning at the station to bid adieu, they dropped me back at home.

Who says NO to Biriyani?

Home, well a whole lot of packing was to be done. Came in and did that as fast as I could and also to buy some time if at all they force me to eat the Dinner. While finishing, what I smelt was Biryani.  Who says NO to that ? now the thing with food and me is, we have an agreement of not ever refusing good food. And so, I jumped into stuffing myself up that as well.

And It’s a Wrap!

A job well done and a day spent that way too. and if you are wondering about my talk of only food all throughout the post, well I should tell you, that is what I was actually upto. Apart from SUPA, almost every activity I did involved food.
But every good thing comes to an end, and along with the news of our “new” Dean, who happens to be “the” strict one.

Yet, with the goodness that I was part of in all these days will, In sha Allah , be reflected, onto my life.

A day with myself..

 A day with myself……..

Waking up from my sleep and rubbing my eyes, which were still itching due to lack of sleep, I just sat on the bed for a moment, curling up and thinking. Thinking nothing, as there was actually NOTHING to think about after almost 3months (3 long months!!). Looked at my phone to check the time, (of course, checking time also means checking messages, missed calls or fb/twitter notifications) it was 1.23 PM. Recalled, last night was pretty long, extending up to around 6.30 in the morning perhaps.

It all started even before the last exam got over, Ximeans, instead of concentrating on the last two end-term papers, was seen discussing about their holiday plans. Destinations ranged from their home to down south into God’s own country or even Goa. Exams finished, all were happy. No matter how their paper went, at least there was a sense of relief in many of their faces. Though their eyes looked tiring, yet there was this tinge of excitement and happiness shining bright in each of them.

What followed was a rush in the hostel, to pack up their belongings, arranging for a transport to airports, stations, etc. My job was limited to wishing people happy holiday, telling them to bring along sweets or eatables, explain my reasons of not going home (in turn coming to know that many didn’t knew where my hometown was), and the likes.

And then they all left!!

It was me and me again along with the deserted second floor in the afternoon that I woke up to, today. Instead of ruing about not going home and with thoughts of making this day productive, I strolled out of bed to catch up my lunch in the canteen ( of course after finishing my morning “chores”, or to say afternoon J ). Post lunch, it was time for me to turn into a dhobi who had to empty an almost whole cupboard of dirty clothes and clean them up too. With random songs playing on my Asus, finished them all up, including bed-sheets and blankets (the last item washed seriously deserves an applaud man, phew ‘twas difficult!).

After bathing myself without any hurry (after ages) and plugging in my earphones, kicked out to fill up my paapi pet which was starving with all the work done. Eating puffs and a coffee to follow it up, in some bakery, went down for some more Food-hunting. Came across a thela frying out bhajiyas and pakodis. Ate, and while doing so thought that this is kind of one of the rare times that I am eating from a roadside thela after coming here (Seriously, what’s wrong with me?!! I used to be a thela foodlover some era back 🙂 ).

And then this night came, (and is still not finished, until I sleep), talked with my school friends after a long time, updated and got updated, watched random videos, from cricket to dance to even saddam husein’s court proceeding (sheer joblessness 🙂 ) and then after complete exhaustion decided to type down and torture some of you who might be reading this. (you still there ? 🙂 )

Days come and days go, what matters, is how much productivity one could take out from it. In the end, maybe that’s what matters (So not LP J). There was no deadlines to meet, no exams to worry about, no one to discuss about “bad-food”, no complaints, no demand. There was nothing, just me, whom I liked. (such a narcissist :)).

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