Today is the 92nd day of the year and as per my resolve of writing-every-day of the year, ideally this current post should be the 92nd post.

But then, Ideally, right?

This happens to be the 86th post as I’ve eaten up 6 posts already!

The last two days have been especially difficult to take time out to write. Not that I did not have any content to write on, but there were just too many things to write on, and in the struggle to decide which way to go and battle with my lazy weekend self, I just cold not write.

I planned to write the whole day and even woke myself up in the morning, but just couldn’t get the keyboard moving to type down words for me.

But finally I got myself to come out of my room, cycled my way to this nice place called Starbucks, ordered their fairly expensive coffee and while sitting near the window overlooking the Kormangala road, finally completed the Gokarna Travelogue in one sitting.


I’m yet to add the lovely pictures to the post and hence will upload the same on the other side of the Prime Meridian.

In the hurry to get out of the room and get started on the writing part, I’ve forgotten to bring my charger along, and the battery signals me that it needs food. Like me. But hey, at least I got some work done. Right?

But hey, at least I got some work done. Right?