Of all the things despicable, ‘Oh Sorry! I forgot your name’ should rank pretty high on the list.
Worse is, when you can actually tell that it’s all a charade to simply ‘act cool’.
I understand people forget names. Even I do. There are occasions when I’m narrating a story and I go like, ‘Arey Kya naam tha..‘ and stretch my eyeballs close like a kid who is trying to remember an answer. We’ve all done that!
And this question can belittle your ego quite a bit. Especially when all you have is your false sense of ego. *Coughs*
If I forget someone’s name, I simply carry the conversation without asking their name and later joining 2+2. Same goes with phone numbers too.
I know you must be thinking, ‘Why to bother so much, just ask them their name directly. ‘. Right? But when you’ve studied in the same class for years or worked in the same company, it gets irritating when people ask that!
And if that’s your idea of making ‘small talk’ then, Woah!
In a world where our name is what matters above all. I take it personally. After all, why would I rant so much about one stupid silly question?
Or maybe I had nothing new to write. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. Still, don’t ask that question!
Unless you’re really cute!