The storytelling style in a lot of people, based on where they are from, varies. But what remains common is, how easily they take names of people, about whom we have no idea about, and use them in the stories. It’s fascinating. Not only from a story-telling stand-point but also how when they do this repeatedly, those very people become part of our own memories.

If we end up meeting people from those stories, there’s already a mental image appearing in front our eyes. And some of them are so accurate in their description that you feel yourself wondering, “Wow, this guys is exactly like that!” with a tinkle in your eyes.

All my sisters have this habit of using names in their stories. So, when I finally end up meeting their friends, acquaintances or even the people they despise, there’s a tiny switch that gets clicked.

I want to acquire this skillset to help in whatever little writing I do. More often than not, I find myself either talking in 3rd person or just being a narcissist on other times. That character-development technique is something I should get myself trained in.

Hopefully, with my sister now living with me, whatever little time we’ll find without fighting with each other, can be used in learning this. And yes, in making those Round chappatis, as well.


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  1. Hope your storytelling skill will improve subsequently along with your skill of roti-making… 😀 Enjoyed the post… 🙂

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