Random Ramblings

Sunday is about to begin,  while I’m yet to sleep off my Saturday.  You know what it means,  right?  The weekend- the much awaited two days of our lives- is about to leave until another week.

As I rue over the lack of constructive work being done,  apart from freeing up some space on my hard drive by watching a few movies and then dozing at ungodly hours,  I pen this down.  Of course,  hoping that at least I’ll get to say that I wrote “something” over the weekend.  Also,  letting the Google crawl my website a little regularly instead of thinking it to be a lost cause.

It’s amusing how time flies as we finish off one weekend after another,  hoping we’d do “better” in the next one. These are like mini new year resolutions which we religiously follow.

Indeed sometimes we do get things done.  Clean up our apartments,  do the dishes,  wash the pile of clothes,  repair things,  get groceries in between,  but these are more of what constitutes “regular” work.  Isn’t?

I must point out that my regular use of these “double quotes” are just a forced attempt to push sarcasm. Sort of how I end up speaking these days,  you know. Pardon me if that irritates you, but that’s just the way it is.

I had decided to be less serious in 2016. One of the biggest reasons I decided to not write about politics at all.  Of course, it was more about not writing On Facebook rather than not writing et all. But,  I’ve managed to stay away from it for this long.

It is tough.  I mean,  that was a BIG part of what I used to write on and now there is this big void.

BTW,  If this sounds like a valentine day letter about politics,  then I’m sorry.  But it’s difficult not to write about it.  But those things still hold true.  There’s hardly any place for a different point of view or a discussion that’d not end up in someone being called an anti-national. There’s no arguing there.

Anyways, continuing to ramble like this and I might actually end up venting more than I should.

This post was just a pointless attempt to not make myself feel bad for not writing something this weekend.  Now that I’ve put down a few lines,  it does feel a little better.

Now,  I’ll head back to catch a few extra hours of sleep.