People. Selfishness. Retrospection.

Retrospection is one of the most important things we gather from our experience in this life. A wise man is one who helps put these little experiences and stitches them to shape who he really is.

Understanding people is one such essential part of the wisdom, we strive to achieve. It is a continuous build-up of numerous sorts of varied understandings that are shaped by various critical factors. Time, point of view and situation being the most prominent factors in determining the true value of an individual to the scheme of things in one’s life.

One major hurdle in the process is the illusion we end up putting ahead of us which blocks our view of them. We extrapolate their importance or sometimes even condition ourselves in believing things that were never there.

To sum it up in a word, people are selfish. People are only concerned about their own benefit. And this category includes all of us, including the writer of this post, which few of you are going to read, very few of them going to understand it and even fewer going to give it some thought while even fewer than that, are going to even give some insight from their own.

The reason I call people selfish, is whatever we do is to either make good of the situation, or to get out of a situation in a particular period of time, and we go to lengths to actually make it happen. Our objective to satisfy our needs is what drives us towards the attainment of our “goal”.

In our quest to achieve the goals, we use people, we use situations and make use of whatever that comes our way. Sometimes, we keep those things, people, etc as mementos or just discard them after use.

The whole point being, what happens to the things, people, or whatever after we have either discarded them or even just kept as mementos locked in some old cupboard ?

It is this question of which we can only answer if either we have been left away near the garbage bin or in the confines of a cupboard. Wisdom may perhaps be to accept the state which one is, even after being given this treatment OR maybe not letting anyone get to have this feeling.

Let us all just spare a moment for this “need fulfilling attitude of ours” just for a minute…



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koi nayi subah ke sang..


  1. Such situations are really painful and sometimes we get good lessons from them. Nice articulation Farooq.

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