For each one of us who wish to relive the moments of our past, photographs serve as the perfect tool which sweeps us back into time. They serve as time machines helping us enjoy those precious moments of yesteryears. Right from the time we open our eyes to see the world around us till we are forced to close it, many a times these small clicks from cameras helps in framing those moment into a static objects of amusement which we treasure each time we take a glimpse.

Cameras, that do the work of making those wonderful clicks happen, have also evolved with time. With advancement in technology, the whole scenario of photography has transformed. Gone are the days, when you had to all dress up and visit studios to get clicked or even call a professional at your home to get it done. Now, even a novice with a mobile phone can do the job for you!!! Add to that, the whole range of SLRs and DSLRs that can make those pictures look even more amazing.
Earlier it used to take days, to get your pictures done, the camera rolls would be cleaned up in the studio and you then get your photographs. Even the number of photographs needed to be kept in check as a limited number of clicks was possible from the film roll. And now???!!! It just takes a few seconds. You get to see the result of your clicks as soon as you are over with posing yourself for it. Plus you can have n number of clicks and you have many amazing options to give effects to your photograph. From b/w to color, from film rolls to memory cards, from showing albums to guests to online sharing. God bless technology.
The technology is such, that you can even carry your memories in pockets. Thousands of images can be stored on memory chips that are even smaller than potato chips!!! Just scroll through them and visit the memories of your past all at a go. But, of course you also need to be careful about it too, one button can delete all of the photos too (true story L). But of course, the benefits of technology outweigh the negatives. ( Also, remember the negatives ? :))

Each moment captured in a photograph bears testimony to the time and moment in which it was captured. The essence of life lies in not just living the moment but cherishing the ones that you had spent previously. Ups and downs are part and parcel of the game that we all are playing on this earth, and while we are down, these very moments of joys help us in staying together and making us stronger. So, just smile and Click! 🙂