As I apprehensively looked around to cross-check whether someone’s noticing me or not, only to realize that no one gave a damn, I ducked deeper in my seat. 
The human emotional shift is worryingly fast. It is a mixture of many unflattering lows to exaggerated highs.
I sipped down my Latte. Wondering in the process as to why I ordered this and not the usual; and trying hard to make sense of the song playing in the background. The voices across the table seem to overtake that song. Laughs, I should say instead.
Canceling out noise without your earphones is nearly not possible. How do we get to the ‘zone’ without being on a high? With a passion, of course. Naah.
At least grabbing the corner-most seat proved to be less intrusive. The trafficked road’s view hinges on noises of a varied variety. The travel plans, the arranged-marriage wali date, the b-plan discussion, the selfie/minute gang as well as the only-one-guy-shouts in the group and the odd guy hitting down on their keyboards. Work, I believe.
Typically, I dislike waiting. Although, I am, currently.
Unless I can do something productive. And that’s why it’s difficult to fathom the reason as to why that guy being, staring at the wall all by himself, is doing.
I was in two minds on taking a day off from work but it feels it was important to lay back. The weekend is still there, but they’re usually hectic. At least socially.
True, I’m investing this time in my reverential observation of the general audience but I won’t call it wasting my time.
Would you?