Political tidbits: Achievements

Just three of the masterstrokes by our Government in recent weeks!

  1. Digital India!

We’re finally witnessing results of the Governments “Digital India” campaign!

Leave aside the village folks; the usually “inaccessible” armed forces are finally Vlogging!

Why should they be left behind? Huh ?!

You see, all because of the Government’s Digital India Campaign!

And hey, don’t you dare say anything against our Jawans

2. Being National!

Anyways, apart from the Digital India Campaign, our Nationalistic outburst seems to have reached Canada as well! Yes, all thanks to Amazon. And Sushma Swaraj! I mean she made the likes of Amazon to issue an apology letter!! Bravo! What were they thinking, giving jobs to Indians or investing heavily in India, huh? We’ll not coy down to their “insult” on our National Flag. Even though we throw our national Flag all across the street after our Independence Day celebrations, it is all done by us! You foreigners! Go to Italy!

3. Bringing Khadi Back!

Yes, all these years, Khadi was neglected. We’re finally giving it a brand new ambassador! Someone who can fly across the world and sell Khadi worldwide. This won’t cost an extra dime for us as well. He’ll anyway be traveling around! Another Masterstroke by us. The previous Brand ambassador was showing too much skin! Not suitable for our Bharatiya Culture, eta all!

Uff, there are so many more achievements, but I’ll list them down tomorrow. ¬†You must be bored with speeches by now, right?