It was 8’o clock and almost an hour was left before I was to meet my Icon. I have never been this “punctual” before, but then there hasn’t been any other time when something like this had ever seen the light of the day. It was my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the impatience as well as the anxiety was a result of it.

When each minute, was attempting hard to make itself seem like hours and even in the midst of all the shor-sharaba, I could still hear the clock ticking, I knew it was a long wait.

With a little idhar-udhar roaming around and tweeting myself through the one hour passage, I was at my anxious best to meet Ms Kiran Majumdar Shaw. Yes, my icon.

Kiran Majumdar Shaw

She arrived in the lobby and I rushed myself to start off the Big day of being with my Icon. Well there she was. As I adjusted my tie and went towards her, I heard my name being called aloud by someone. And the voice became louder and louder.

And suddenly..

I opened my eyes to find my roomie letting me know the time; it was Not Kiran Majumdar waiting, but the professor who would be starting off with the classes any minute.

Sigh!! It happened again.

Every day, I just have this crazy dream of ending up waiting in one lobby or the other to start my big day with one of the 11 icons of iConnect, Sometimes its’ Kiran Majumdar and sometimes Mohandas Pai, for which we’ve all been bidding, but every other day it just stops before I actually end up meeting them. Why can’t those dreams extend themselves a little ? ehh ??

Anyways, its’ almost the end of the bidding round to get to meet my icon by bidding along with 100’s of others vying for the same thing. I just wish even I get to meet Kiran Majumdar Shaw.

Ohh, you wondering as to how even you can be a part of it? Well, fiqr-not, XIME in association with the Joy-of-Giving week brings to you this unique and exciting opportunity to spend a day with your icon by bidding along with others. And the bidding amount is again for a noble cause of charity.

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship brings about an opportunity for the young bloods in a first of its kind event called ICONnect in Bengaluru that gives students and young professionals a golden opportunity to ‘shadow’ a leader of their choice. XIME has always emphasized on giving back to society and this is a great way to do so. XIME also has a very active Social club called Xseed, which has been organizing events from time to time to help the neglected strata of society.

What is in it for you ?

Well, a double bonanza in the form of not just contributing to the cause of society as well as get to interact with your favorite business leader. The Students and young professionals would have a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience. Students and young professionals will bid in a one week window starting from October 2nd and the highest bidders among the students and young professional will get to spend one day with the leader of their choice. The bid money will be channelized to a charity of the leader’s choice. Events in line with ICONnect have been conducted by the IIMs and ISB at the national level. Our event will focus on leaders and bidders in Bengaluru. This also presents an opportunity to the business leaders to fulfill their CSR initiatives in a manner, which involves others from the society into the process, adding true value to the Joy of “giving”

Dreaming is of course great, but when you have an opportunity like this to go ahead and convert your dream into reality, then why sit back ?? Start bidding NOW!! The bidding lasts till 9th October, 2013. For bidding, just go to and for further information on the same, you can go to the website or follow the updates on the facebook / twitter page.

Start Bidding to Shadow the leader for a day. So, BID. WIN. EXPERIENCE.