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…for one last time.. blogging from XIME..

For one last time, from the confines of the XIME hostel, I bring to you another blog. Yea, a little dramatic to start I guess, but what the hell, life here has been no less than a roller coaster drama for me.

Drama, you ask??

Well. The night is getting dark. It is already 1.30 AM and like the punctual XIME tradition goes, we’ll have to be up our asses by 9:00 AM for the rehearsal of convocation. Ohh yeah!! CONVOCATION, the reason we all are here.  And I cannot put in words how excited I am. Not only because it will be my first Convocation per se, but also coz this was the first time I have put in actual hard work to get my degree. (Yes, I was a super lazy ass, who took it very easy at first).

But, anyways depriving you of the little joys and loads of troubles won’t give me any good. So, I should share some of them with you. Shouldn’t I?

Audi-week. Roomies. Friends. Mess food. Coffee. DogB. Volga. Bismillah. Jumma Rush. Roll no. Blogger. Controversy. Passport. International tour. MST. Internship. Salesman. Report. Viva. CGPA. Dexter. Suits. Movies. Reviews. Meeting Farhan. Exams. VOS. Library. Results.

I can go on and on about stuff that can define my 2 years at Xime. They aren’t just words arranged in any sequence, but the story of my Xime life.  Something, which will swell up my eyes, the next time when I remember them again or maybe just read them. I won’t miss xime, I will miss people, will miss the bonding.

I’ll miss my roomies, I’ll miss my gang. Teasing and getting teased like anything and for everything. being called the “blogger” or maybe even the “reviewer”, will miss late night balcony talks, coffee walks, fights with friends over issues and non-issues, being awake all night, listening on to Drunk tales of friends, will miss HER, will miss taking awkward moment pics of people and posting them on fb, will miss being involved in a Modi discussion or even being called MODI, will miss exchanging chit-chats during classes, will miss getting worked up for not doing an assignment on time, will miss dragging people to give treat for random excuses., might even miss studying in the library. And, I’ll miss writing blogs sitting in these rooms of this hostel…

XIME, you’ll be missed like anything…

Signing off, from XIME hostel, one last time….

Meeting my iCon…

It was 8’o clock and almost an hour was left before I was to meet my Icon. I have never been this “punctual” before, but then there hasn’t been any other time when something like this had ever seen the light of the day. It was my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the impatience as well as the anxiety was a result of it.

When each minute, was attempting hard to make itself seem like hours and even in the midst of all the shor-sharaba, I could still hear the clock ticking, I knew it was a long wait.

With a little idhar-udhar roaming around and tweeting myself through the one hour passage, I was at my anxious best to meet Ms Kiran Majumdar Shaw. Yes, my icon.

Kiran Majumdar Shaw

She arrived in the lobby and I rushed myself to start off the Big day of being with my Icon. Well there she was. As I adjusted my tie and went towards her, I heard my name being called aloud by someone. And the voice became louder and louder.

And suddenly..

I opened my eyes to find my roomie letting me know the time; it was Not Kiran Majumdar waiting, but the professor who would be starting off with the classes any minute.

Sigh!! It happened again.

Every day, I just have this crazy dream of ending up waiting in one lobby or the other to start my big day with one of the 11 icons of iConnect, Sometimes its’ Kiran Majumdar and sometimes Mohandas Pai, for which we’ve all been bidding, but every other day it just stops before I actually end up meeting them. Why can’t those dreams extend themselves a little ? ehh ??

Anyways, its’ almost the end of the bidding round to get to meet my icon by bidding along with 100’s of others vying for the same thing. I just wish even I get to meet Kiran Majumdar Shaw.

Ohh, you wondering as to how even you can be a part of it? Well, fiqr-not, XIME in association with the Joy-of-Giving week brings to you this unique and exciting opportunity to spend a day with your icon by bidding along with others. And the bidding amount is again for a noble cause of charity.

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship brings about an opportunity for the young bloods in a first of its kind event called ICONnect in Bengaluru that gives students and young professionals a golden opportunity to ‘shadow’ a leader of their choice. XIME has always emphasized on giving back to society and this is a great way to do so. XIME also has a very active Social club called Xseed, which has been organizing events from time to time to help the neglected strata of society.

What is in it for you ?

Well, a double bonanza in the form of not just contributing to the cause of society as well as get to interact with your favorite business leader. The Students and young professionals would have a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience. Students and young professionals will bid in a one week window starting from October 2nd and the highest bidders among the students and young professional will get to spend one day with the leader of their choice. The bid money will be channelized to a charity of the leader’s choice. Events in line with ICONnect have been conducted by the IIMs and ISB at the national level. Our event will focus on leaders and bidders in Bengaluru. This also presents an opportunity to the business leaders to fulfill their CSR initiatives in a manner, which involves others from the society into the process, adding true value to the Joy of “giving”

Dreaming is of course great, but when you have an opportunity like this to go ahead and convert your dream into reality, then why sit back ?? Start bidding NOW!! The bidding lasts till 9th October, 2013. For bidding, just go to www.ebay.com/iconnect and for further information on the same, you can go to the website www.ximeiconnect.org or follow the updates on the facebook / twitter page.

Start Bidding to Shadow the leader for a day. So, BID. WIN. EXPERIENCE.

The last day

If you thought I was writing about the Mayan’s and their predictions about the Doomsday, then let me tell you, you were wrong. It is actually the last day before this much-needed-holiday (1 Month!) ends.

This vacation just proved just how much I was missing family, friends, and FOOD!!!
Being away from home isn’t new for me, but being away from family definitely is. I remember doing this one thing, especially when I used to be upset, i.e., to eat good food. Good food in, bad mood out.

But, Alas!! Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine.

Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine. Leaving aside my foodgasm, let me get to the point, this introduction part is getting too long. I’ll describe the last day, which in many ways sums up the whole vacation.

Letting my Body clock wake me up

Waking up on my own watch is an amazing feeling. Don’t you think ? Sleep to your heart’s content is like letting your morning start off with a victory.

Same Breakfast, Different place

Having masala upma for breakfast which is far better than what I get in my South Indian college mess. Such Irony, I tell you.

Morning of Appreciation

Good morning’d by a mail from Blogadda confirming that I have been shortlisted for the “Notable Newbie” blogger along with many other bloggers. Feels good to be appreciated and then boasting about it here. This was like an icing on the cake after all sorts of appreciation for my work during SUPA.

Foood. Good Food.

Fish curry in the lunch, deliciously made. If at all, I need to single out the percentage of non-veg food I’ve had during this whole month, the ghaans phoons would surely be in single digit scores. Sorry, can’t help it, just born this way. Although, Xime and Bangalore have tried changing it, but only to increase my love for it. Wo kehte hain na, Dooriyon se badhti hain Nazdeekiyan. (Distances bring you closer).

Friend drops by on Time

My friend arriving before time to pick me up!! Well, that had never happened before nor will happen again. So, after a brief wait, when he arrived rode to meet many of my high school buddies. Many were surprised to see me(pleasantly, I hope), some even hitting me as to why I cannot just extend my leaves for a few more days. In between lots of catching up, trying to click photos without flash in almost dark places, “career” discussions, exams, talks about old flames, whose-upto-what, and lots!! All this gupshups can never finish and so rightly so it didn’t. Yet had to get off post bidding people good byes.

And more friends to meet

After high-school, it was the turn of the guys from college. Not many there, so the two closest ones got the whole time that I could spare. They even stopped me for a pre-dinner “Dinner”. Well, this is that dinner, where you don’t fully stuff yourself but keep a little space for home food and if something of your liking is there at home, than you just go ahead with that as well. Else, your stomach signals a Red light. With promises to be present early morning at the station to bid adieu, they dropped me back at home.

Who says NO to Biriyani?

Home, well a whole lot of packing was to be done. Came in and did that as fast as I could and also to buy some time if at all they force me to eat the Dinner. While finishing, what I smelt was Biryani.  Who says NO to that ? now the thing with food and me is, we have an agreement of not ever refusing good food. And so, I jumped into stuffing myself up that as well.

And It’s a Wrap!

A job well done and a day spent that way too. and if you are wondering about my talk of only food all throughout the post, well I should tell you, that is what I was actually upto. Apart from SUPA, almost every activity I did involved food.
But every good thing comes to an end, and along with the news of our “new” Dean, who happens to be “the” strict one.

Yet, with the goodness that I was part of in all these days will, In sha Allah , be reflected, onto my life.

6 long months…


7.00AM!! An early start to the day (by my established standards), I woke up to find the bathroom already occupied. Looked around to find one of other guy in the room was still sleeping. Sat there on my bed itself, waiting for my turn, deep into thoughts about what all was going to come from today onwards. With this initiation of thoughts, the “early-morning-formalities” continued followed by namaz and then the day started and a new journey.

Well, that was exactly 6 months back. 18th june.

Wish I could use, “time flies fast” here. But, I just cannot. It seems pretty long ago. 6 months in itself is long. 220 days!! 5280 hours!!! 316800 minutes!! 19008000 seconds!!! It’s effing that long.

From running a 10k marathon to playing a amazing-race kinda game to late night coffees to food hunting post-midnight. All of this could happen because of me being here and yes, I loved them all.

And today, after two trimesters!! 13 papers!! Numerous lectures and interactions, Events, fests and competitions, if I had to just ask one question to myself, as to what I have learnt. The biggest of them has been to understand myself. Myself, the complicated one. My flaws, misjudgments, strengths and weaknesses. Also, understood that this was just an initiation of my realization process, there’s still more to find out.

During this long stay over here (yes, I’ll stress on that long, for a long-long time), there were many events that made me learn (sadly, books are not part of it).The people of this college being the ones from whom the actual learning process happened. There were learning from what they said, and what they didn’t.  Learning from what they thought about me and how that in turn influenced changing my perceptions towards them, learning from adjusting with them by seeing how they do the same. There was learning as to how people even change with course of time, how just for the sake of girls they change. How there are people who selflessly help you, how some are selfish too. How getting low marks, change their attitude, how some get a joke, some don’t. How things change from one culture to another, from one language to another. How bad food can be made, how money doesn’t last post the first week after you take it out from your account, how to manage without water before going to class, how breakfast just goes out of your schedule, how different festivals bring about a sense of happiness and bonhomie, and many such how’s and their answers.

Even how some insensitive people even post “blogs” regarding cultural differences out there on public platforms!!  Seriously, how idiotic ? 🙂

Waise blog se yaad aaya, been blogging quite a lot. So much so, that people keep telling. “Dude!! Stop writing”,” yaar, ye kyun nahi likhta blog me”, “ab ise bhi mat likh dena”, “firse ?”  and some also had nice encouraging words too.

I know, I am not one of the best in terms of writing out here, yet the one saying, I’ve always followed “the only way to improve your writing is, to write more”.

Learning, yes.  Learning again.


There are many changes that I can notice in myself. Per se, there’s this new found optimism. Optimism, that everything happens for good. What has happened is for the good and what is going to take place in future will also be good (in sha ALLAH). Understanding, things I didn’t use to before and many such things in my long-list of learning from these 6 months, 6 Long months actually.

With practice, I have become quite a good dhobi too and can wash two full buckets of clothes in one go. Although, there’s too much to learn In terms of how to make them look clean too.

Academically, well don’t have anything to brag about. But yes, have learnt to put in hard work and devote time to studies.


Right now, I’m just 1/3rd of an MBA. A whole lot of things to look forward to, new experiences, new friends and new beginnings. Forgetting things, which doesn’t matter and keeping focus on the ones which does. Ending the ends, and starting new trends.

Its happiness all around XIME, every face looks just so happy. Bidding goodbyes and New Year wishes is to be seen everywhere. Even I’ve finished packing my bags and not to mention just how happy I am. 🙂Image

Happy holidays. 🙂


It’s been more than one week since my life at Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) started. A new chapter in the not-so-happening life of a fellow, who aims to be somebody from nobody. One word that can simply describe this week and all its happening is that its “Tiring” and no doubt that for each of us this has been one hell of a week and getting accustomed to timings is taking a while. And most importantly, the Audi-week was quite a task for me.
                           It was on 17th June that almost all of us arrived at the hostel as directed by the authorities and were allotted rooms as per our “Roll no!!!!!!!”,  I came only in the evening and my roomies had arrived before me, but only their baggage were to be seen. I went out to different rooms to try and meet people whom I knew from the Facebook group where almost each of us interacted quite regularly. Virtual and real world are two different spheres and I was getting a proof of that. People with whom you had interacted felt quite at a loss of words while some were very friendly. Day passed, got settled in my room and then came the next day where our orientation program started. It was a week long program where various dignified speakers and industry experts were expected to grace the occasion. The food was better than expected and would only say that it was quite decent, although Coffee was pathetic.
                         It was told beforehand that “some” of the speakers might not be good orators but we are supposed to cope with it and be patient. As it turned out, most of us almost got to learn the course “how to sleep with your eyes open”. Some of them even ended up dozing off for a few seconds ( at least I did). Won’t say that all the sessions were the same, out of the 20 lectures (yes 20!!!!!!), majority of them gave us a new perspective of various things that infused some vague sort of understanding about the management world and how to kick-start our career in the correct manner so as to reach our goals with the right attitude. We were even given some basic Orientation Gyaan on some subjects like Accounting, Economics or Quantitative techniques as per our preference. We even had a 70-min class to explain the “rules and regulations” that we had to follow!!!!
                          Most of the students, be it the work experienced or the fresh out of college fellows from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds, all shared a common thing in that auditorium, finding it hard to adjust ( another reason was the chairs, which was giving our asses a hard time). A whole week in the same place sitting according to our “Roll no.!!!”. Teasing each other and trying to let our minds wander was some of the medicines that helped us stay away from sleep.
                          Finally, we overcame all of it and now our classes have even started, but yeah, the sleeping effects of the “Audi-Week” continues. . .

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