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Hari Das: a man with determination

Here is another story of a beautiful soul, whom i met during my SUPA in the series of posts on “Beautiful People“.


Hari Das is the son of Vijay Das, a farmer who lives in Chatra district and sometimes also doubles up as a worker in Kolkata, Hari Das is the eldest among all his siblings. But being the eldest in the house is not always beneficial, and Hari learnt it the hard way. He could not start his studies, until the youngest brother in his family started going to school. Even this couldn’t have happened if his endless crying paid no heed into his parent’s ears. And all of this just for the sake of getting admitted in school in order to study.

Hari kick-started his new life of learning something new, with eyes full of enthusiasm and a determination in his heart. After studying in primary school, there were doubts in his mind, as to how he would further continue his studies as it would be very difficult to be mobile now. But there was alittle ray of hope coming his way. While he was leaving, due to his headmasters’ efforts, he got a tricycle. But Alas!! He had to stop his studies for a year and could only resume it when he got admitted in a hostel in Pandepura. And then he completed his 10th from there only.

Returning home after completing his 10th, was again a setback for him as with various issues cropping up in his family, he had to take a gap of a year from his studies. But, God bless this young lad, who didn’t just sat back with disappointment, but started teaching. He took tuitions near his home and then after a year joined intermediate studies from whatever he could earn while teaching kids. Around the time, when he passed 12th, he joined hands with Jharkhand Viklang Manch (JVM). After getting associated with JVM, not only he got benefited but also helped others. JVM brought about a whole lot of change into his life. It brought about a new sense of bonhomie for his disabled brother and sisters. His idea of being an important entity of society who is helpful to his own brethren was finally seeing the light of the day.

After coming to Jamshedpur for computer training in Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), he strives to learn computer and would like to work in a metropolitan city someday. His learning here is not just limited to computer education but also learning from his peers too. He not only learns here but also teaches others too regarding unity. His belief in himself and the way he has shaped himself, is surely going to take him places.

Beautiful people- Babita kumari

Beautiful people- Babita kumari

The world was thrown apart for this young girl when she was in class 5. Her father, Late Jagdish Yadav, died, leaving her and two younger brothers in her mother’s arm.

This is another story from the series of Beautiful People that I met in Jamshedpur.

This story is about Babita Kumari. A girl who is trying to make a difference to her life through her courage and zeal to achieve something even with disability.

Her father’s death resulted in her leaving studies for one whole year. But it was due to her uncle’s help, she was able to resume her studies. But, in order to make her study and feed the family, her brothers had to leave their studies and start working. It was important that someone supported the family of these orphans. Babita’s studies weer possible due to the efforts and support from uncle and then brothers.

She is currently continuing her studies and is currently doing B.A (Part-2) in Zoology hons, when this post was being written.


Over the years, she had also started to support her own studies and even help her family, whatever little she could. She not only wanted to study but also help others like her progress.

She was associated with Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, which is a project for disabled. She worked there for 3 years and they also funded her studies through the same. She was also was associated with another platform for disabled, where she worked as office assistant. Through her associations, she also ensured many disabled people register themselves to get a disability certificate. This ensures they get benefits out of government schemes, pensions, wheel-chairs, etc.

Joining Jharkhand Viklang Manch(JVM) was a step in the same direction and she continued her efforts in terms of helping the disabled. JVM gave her a voice to be active in not just in nearby places but outside of it as well. Her life as a person with disability has gone through troubled waters many a times, and yet she has rose through the struggle becoming stronger through it. If losing her father at a young age was a setback, trying to continue her studies was difficult too. It is with determination she was able to push towards achieving something.

With an opportunity to learn computer education in Jamshedpur at Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), she left her ongoing computer course and joined here, as this seemed a better prospect. She wants to be a computer literate and get a job. She says, computer education is going to change her life and she is trying her best to learn it. With support from teachers and fellow students, she expects herself to reach new heights.

This is one of the many stories in a series of Inspiring ones about Beautiful people fighting hard even with Disabilities. Supporting them should be our priority and helping them in whichever way we can, will definitely aid them.

Do share this story of courage.


KAVITA KUMARI- An unfinished poem…

In my series of Posts on some beautiful people I met during my SUPA journey. Here comes the second one. Story of an ambitious girl who aspires to become the “Son of her father”


KAVITA KUMARI- An unfinished poem…

With ambitions of becoming the “Son of her father” and to fulfill her mission of self reliance, Kavita Kumari, has always displayed a smiling face even in the midst of various difficulties. Kavita is the daughter of Shri Ramji giri and is second daughter in a family of five daughters. Coming from Ithkhori in Chattra district, she was never interested in studies. Her interest area used to be in household work and tailoring. She never took her studies seriously, until her sisters showed faith in her determination of doing something for the family. With a prayer to excel always on her lips and with faith bestowed upon her by the family, she was determined to keep up to everyone’s expectation.

Her disability was never an issue for her during her schooling and she used to do almost everything like the normal kids around her. After completing her Intermediate examination, she also worked as a “Care Giver” under Jharkhand Siksha Pariyojna, where she was meant to teach 6 disabled children. In course of time, she even started a Tailoring centre, something that she loved doing herself. While using the tailoring machine, she felt as if using a computer and felt proud in the process too. Also, by doing these little works and supporting her family even though in a very limited way, she felt proud of meeting the expectations of her family. Something that she had always wanted to do was getting reflected in her father’s eyes when she used to talk with her. Her “becoming the son of her father” dream was slowly and steadily gaining shape.

In 2008, she began to be associated with Jharkhand Viklang Manch (JVM) and a lot of her work started post joining JVM. Not only she became more active and concerned regarding other disabled people, but also took measures to help them in every possible way she could. She used to locate different disabled, whether she knew them or not it didn’t mattered, and tell them about the various benefits that are there for them and would even help them to avail those too. She believes that by helping others, all of them will be together as a force and would strive towards success.

Not that her life has always been following the same upward path of success, but there has been downfalls too every now and then. Her eyes get all moist while she recalls one of her life’s incidents. She had decided to only marry someone if she loved a person. And she did loved one. But it was difficult for her to hear rejection just because of her disability. That No coming from a certain special someone made her feel different, different from other girls out there and it was all due to her disability. Even with her heart broken, she vowed to not let that hamper any off her activities. Getting to know about learning at Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), was one of the happiest days of her life as she had always wanted to study outside her hometown.

She believes a person should take time for herself, only then others will help him. Her desire to help herself and others have taken her this far and is bound to achieve even more. Here at IDTR, she tries to teach others about self reliance and learn a lot from others too. She is determined to progress ahead in her life to finish what she has started, the mission be useful to her as well as others too. The journey to finish her Poem on a happy note has just begun.

Beautiful people- “Prakash kumar, the Gabbar singh..”

Something in me had always wanted to be associated with Social work and development, and when an opportunity came my way as part of SUPA (Socially Useful & Productive Activity), a college project; I was excited. Although I would be wrong to not say that spending some time home was also one of the reasons.

Red Cross society was my destination, and with whatever I knew about the work it does, I was pretty excited. But it all came down, when I went there to meet them to formally start the proceedings. The guy over there tells me, “do hajaar lagega aapka yahan karne ke lie apna project”  Shocked to reply anything, I just listened onto his blabber on how he described the whole work that I have to do and even told me that I need to bring my own vehicle to go different places. And even looked me in disgust when I told him that I don’t have one. I just asked him, “Sir, ye sab to voluntary work hai, isme paise kyun?” and pat came the reply, “ye sab to aap apne swaarth ke lie kar rahe hain, voluntary kaise hua……” and then he again started with describing how “his work” for Red cross is voluntary and how mine is for my “swaarth”. I walked out after that, saying my obligatory dhanyawaad.

After 3 days of scanning most of Jamshedpur, I finally found my match and hence my SUPA began with Jharkhand Viklang Morcha(JVM) and which went quite great. Along the way, I met some very amazing people and just thought about giving some time to let the world know about them. I interviewed many people during the course, people with disabilities but the strong determination. Instead of me, teaching something to them, they taught a lot to me.

From this post onward, I’d be telling some of the stories that I could cover. Hope you enjoy reading.

Starting with Mr. Prakash kumar, the Gabbar singh…

Me with Gabbar Singh

Courage and determination can best describe this man named, Prakash Kumar, Son of Shri Manti Mahto, a farmer who lives in Dadi village which is around 5km away from block Simaria. Being a disabled makes you very helpless and if your own family does not support you then that helplessness grows. But for Prakash, even these problems couldn’t stop him from doing what he wanted, i.e, Studies. After realizing that only he can support himself when it comes to studies, post-2004, he even started working at a jewellery shop. But even with that he had to leave his studies for 2 years.

It was not that he never received any support from anyone. His friends were always supportive of him, no matter what. Difficulties arising out of transportation for attending classes were taken care of by his friends and even for purpose of studies, they were always there for him. Although same cannot be said about his family. One particular incident he describes sadly of is of a day just a day before filling his forms in a particular class. There was some construction work going on in his house and in order to bring in raw materials, money was kept. When Prakash asked for money, to be given for form, his father and brother refused. Although, he promised to pay them back out of his own money in a day or two, still they refused to part ways with the money. Such was his family’s attitude towards his studies that if he wouldn’t have pressed himself hard, he would just be sitting idle in his home.


But it is his sheer determination to prove everyone who thinks of him as someone who cannot do anything, is taking him forward. He has been the happiest when he gets good results in the exams that he appears, even with a lot of difficulty. It instills him with a sense of achievement when it comes to getting good results. His struggles has not only benefitted him, but also gave him the confidence to help out others in need too. he is not only a leader among the disables but also helps people get information regarding the various polices and schemes put forward by the government for them.

He has not only helped many get benefits out of government schemes like pensions, Indira aawas yojna, getting tricycles, etc but also strengthened Jharkhand Viklang Manch by working towards its goals of maintaining unity among the various disables. Even at Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), he tries to be a leader of all the students and helps them accordingly too. Fondly called as the “Gabbar Singh” by his fellow students, this lad wants to sail high and is leaving no stone unturn.

The last day

If you thought I was writing about the Mayan’s and their predictions about the Doomsday, then let me tell you, you were wrong. It is actually the last day before this much-needed-holiday (1 Month!) ends.

This vacation just proved just how much I was missing family, friends, and FOOD!!!
Being away from home isn’t new for me, but being away from family definitely is. I remember doing this one thing, especially when I used to be upset, i.e., to eat good food. Good food in, bad mood out.

But, Alas!! Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine.

Bangalore doesn’t seem to provide such an option for a pocket like mine. Leaving aside my foodgasm, let me get to the point, this introduction part is getting too long. I’ll describe the last day, which in many ways sums up the whole vacation.

Letting my Body clock wake me up

Waking up on my own watch is an amazing feeling. Don’t you think ? Sleep to your heart’s content is like letting your morning start off with a victory.

Same Breakfast, Different place

Having masala upma for breakfast which is far better than what I get in my South Indian college mess. Such Irony, I tell you.

Morning of Appreciation

Good morning’d by a mail from Blogadda confirming that I have been shortlisted for the “Notable Newbie” blogger along with many other bloggers. Feels good to be appreciated and then boasting about it here. This was like an icing on the cake after all sorts of appreciation for my work during SUPA.

Foood. Good Food.

Fish curry in the lunch, deliciously made. If at all, I need to single out the percentage of non-veg food I’ve had during this whole month, the ghaans phoons would surely be in single digit scores. Sorry, can’t help it, just born this way. Although, Xime and Bangalore have tried changing it, but only to increase my love for it. Wo kehte hain na, Dooriyon se badhti hain Nazdeekiyan. (Distances bring you closer).

Friend drops by on Time

My friend arriving before time to pick me up!! Well, that had never happened before nor will happen again. So, after a brief wait, when he arrived rode to meet many of my high school buddies. Many were surprised to see me(pleasantly, I hope), some even hitting me as to why I cannot just extend my leaves for a few more days. In between lots of catching up, trying to click photos without flash in almost dark places, “career” discussions, exams, talks about old flames, whose-upto-what, and lots!! All this gupshups can never finish and so rightly so it didn’t. Yet had to get off post bidding people good byes.

And more friends to meet

After high-school, it was the turn of the guys from college. Not many there, so the two closest ones got the whole time that I could spare. They even stopped me for a pre-dinner “Dinner”. Well, this is that dinner, where you don’t fully stuff yourself but keep a little space for home food and if something of your liking is there at home, than you just go ahead with that as well. Else, your stomach signals a Red light. With promises to be present early morning at the station to bid adieu, they dropped me back at home.

Who says NO to Biriyani?

Home, well a whole lot of packing was to be done. Came in and did that as fast as I could and also to buy some time if at all they force me to eat the Dinner. While finishing, what I smelt was Biryani.  Who says NO to that ? now the thing with food and me is, we have an agreement of not ever refusing good food. And so, I jumped into stuffing myself up that as well.

And It’s a Wrap!

A job well done and a day spent that way too. and if you are wondering about my talk of only food all throughout the post, well I should tell you, that is what I was actually upto. Apart from SUPA, almost every activity I did involved food.
But every good thing comes to an end, and along with the news of our “new” Dean, who happens to be “the” strict one.

Yet, with the goodness that I was part of in all these days will, In sha Allah , be reflected, onto my life.

Story of India- Apples and Oranges

Blazing the chilling winds, on three wheels, our auto-rickshaw was passing along one of the busy streets of Jamshedpur. The auto, which was already full with around 6 passengers along with the driver, stopped midway noticing a girl who was looking for an auto. The girl first looked in, and then with a little hesitation said, NO!!!

I happened to sit just beside the auto-driver. He said, “Sharm aati hai yaar.. From the last week or so, if even 2-3 guys are there in my auto, no women seems to be getting in”.

One other day, while travelling in an empty auto-rickshaw, well almost, with just the driver and his conductor-friend (yes, they have conductors too here). With nothing much to do, I had to listen to their convo.

Driver- You know what, it’s the mistake of women as due to that they get to suffer in the hands of these horny-bastards.

Conductor- kaahe be ??

(even I wanted to ask!!!!)

Driver- You see, if I am running after a girl or even teasing him, which I’m not. But hypothetically, if I do.

Conductor- abbey bol na..kaahe ghuma raha hai..

Driver- If, I am doing any of these things like eve-teasing or even making remarks on her, and the girl turns up and gives me a tight slap, neither me nor anyone who sees that would ever think of doing that. It’s just because girls ignore small things that other guys do, they take it so lightly. As if it’s just okay and they can get away with it.

Conductor- haan be. Sahi bola.. du go lagao, sasura line pe ajaega..

Driver- Uhi to hum bhi bol raahe hain be.. ee jo laundiya log chod deti hai na.. ki log kaa bolega, usise poroblm hota hai…

Neither did I interfered in their conversation, nor did I am making any stand on this issue of what they said.

Because, I am clueless and it’s difficult to conclude as to what is right and what is wrong. More than being clueless, I’m shocked and guilty.

It was not the fault of just some people that girls like damini are raped, it is the society that I am part of is responsible too. The guilt is for numerous little reasons, but even though no matter how little they are does contribute a lot to the attitude of the society that we live in.

They are now talking about, Honey Singh’s songs, female clothing, Bharat vs. India, Denting-Painting, etc. Well, do you think if a rape has to happen, those sick bastards will see what kind of clothes the girl is wearing?? Or that only in the “Urban India” that rapes occur and the “Rural Bharat” is just away from it’s dark shadows?? Or that Honey singh’s songs are so powerful enough to change people’s attitude? If it is so, then tell him to write anti-corruption songs. The thing is whatever happens in the society is just a reflection of what we are. He is actually mirroring that mindset.

The male dominated and superiority complexed people that dominate our society are the reason for this attitude, which has been there for ages and has only manifolded itself. The only change that our society has witnessed is that the females have tried to fit into this society with the hope of getting rid of this mindset and matching shoulder-to-shoulder.

is that the only thing left for them to do ??

But, sadly, they don’t realize that the insecure male does not want that to happen. Sharing the dais of superiority is another thing, they don’t even want them to come closer to it, just let them be the audience. Forget about protecting them and taking them to a pedestal so that they can walk along, they just don’t consider them even worthy for competition. Sometime, they just term this competition as something like apples and oranges. Sometimes, reason their success to the sympathetic attitude with which superiors end up treating them. Sometimes, this and sometimes that, but they just won’t accept that it’s not about apples and oranges.

The whole problem revolves around that societal attitude of seeing them as apples and oranges. And until and unless that changes, nothing substantial can happen. No matter how “terrible, sad, devastated” we feel after every incident of a female’s modesty getting tarnished, unless this mindset gives way to a more broad mindedness in terms of accepting that women are not inferior than us, nothing can be changed.

Mid-way through my SUPA (Socially useful and productive work), I interviewed some disabled students undergoing training at Indo-Danish Training Tool here at Jamshedpur. I started off with some guys after getting permission from one of their teachers, but when it came to the girls, I had to ask one person after another and finally after some 2 hours of bureaucratic shifts, I got the green signal.

Later came to know, that after various incidents all across India, security of girls has been their prime focus and they have become “extra conscious”. While talking to these ladies, who happen to be disabled, I was amazed. Amazed as to how, even with all the added struggles apart from them being physically handicapped, they have continued to learn and prosper in whatever they are doing. Neither, financial difficulties or societal inputs on their disability, stopped them from achieving what they strived for. These are women with disability and yet looking at their determination, it added a little light on my dying optimism.

If this added fuel to my fire of optimism, the regular talks at every small adda’s I’ve been part of. Guys, who were seen passing remarks on girls at every possible moment, talk about how they were wrong in doing that. Their guilt does get reflected, and so does their anger. A talk on figure of a girl has given way for what needs to be done by the government.

If this is change, I’m glad to be a part of it.




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