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But, boy!! I can’t sleep..


A big yawn to signal and a tired body to confirm the same…

But, Boy!! I can’t sleep. 


The mental agony or the physical pain..

The strange voices in my head… 


All telling me to sleep..

But, Boy!! I can’t sleep. 


The night is dark before the dawn..

Now, even the days look dim to me.. 


Shutting the drapes on the nights was easy..

When fear of waking up to the light was away.. 


The silence shouts from all corners of the darkness..

And the clock ticks its’ way towards the dawn..


But, Boy!! I can’t sleep.

An untitled post..

Battling my eyelids by rubbing their sleep off, and trying to focus on this screen to type something down on this keyboard. No, it’s not any report that I need to submit anytime soon nor an exam preparation.

It is just simple blabber coming out of my mind right now that is being written out here. If this whole blabbering ends up going well over say, 400 words, I’ll just transfer it to the wordpress blog and post it for everyone.

Now, since I said above that this might actually become a blogpost, I’ll have to find a suitable topic or to structure it to give some sort of meaning, for it to actually make any sense. Right ??

Of course, I am right!! (experienced hoon bhai)

There should be some structure, some agenda, some flow of ideas, something this something that. Right ??

Well, if you are looking for an answer from me, then dude, sorry to disappoint, I have no idea!!!

I don’t want to make any sense out of this, or hell I don’t want to make any sort of sense tonight. I just feel like blabbering something. The only vague thought that is floating around my head, is to be as non-sensible as I can.

Hey, I just checked this post just crossed the half-way mark of the initial deadline of 400 words for it to become a blog!! Yay!!


Damn this obsession with milestones, dates, memoirs, etc!! why do I have to follow the rules, codes, traditions, etc to actually make sense or to make things work??

Why everyone has to follow a strict code of “ethics”, rules, arrangements, falaana dhimkana ??

For those who don’t know me personally, and happen to believe that this is some sort of a drunk post, again sorry to disappoint. Neither do I drink, nor is this post because of that.

I’m tired.

No, not of writing all this down even when I’m a little sleepy, but of many things in my life. My own life seems so strange to me, as if I have started living it inside someone else. And I’m not blaming the problems in general; everyone has some of their own. It has to do with something else.

This strangeness has just built on itself. Each year, each month, each week, each day, and every possible breakup of time has put in their best to make it like this. I’ve started finding faults. Not in others, but in myself.

Finding myself out there to be blamed for my own strangeness!! Yes.

But then who bothers??

Around 25% of the people who are going to see this link, of a random blabber are going to click on it. Half of them would just not bother to completely read the whole thing. Among the ones, who do that will just mouth a few words towards me (of course not of praise) for wasting their time, and among those few half left, some would not let their laziness lose to pitch in a few comments, and if et all there are any left, I might have to explain as to what this was all about.

So, the only thing I am looking forward to is those few souls, dropping in.

But now, having exceeded the initial deadline of 400 words, I have doubts as to how many would flock down to share that strangeness with me. Long posts repel or doesn’t excite audiences, is a fact one should learn really fast. Or even a blog with no pictures to grab people’s attention??

Yes, I’m doing it all. No pictures. No Title. And a long Cribbing post.

Then again, a question comes, why should I bother if the audience doesn’t want to read that much, or like why many are interested in a t20 rather than a test match??
PS: I started writing this post some 40 minute back, wrote whatever random stuff that crossed my mind. It’s just my whining, cribbing, etc coming out in a flow. Sorry, if it didn’t make any sense to you, you’ll surely have company.






Caution: This post is meant to make the blinking of your eyes go slow and induce a program called, Sleep , into your mind. So, if you know the stats, then proceed at your own risks.

Oh hello, so you have proceeded ahead by knowing that you may be bitten by the sleep bug in the course of reading this out. Good. 🙂

Anyways, let me start by asking you a small question, How many hours do you sleep on an average ?

Hmmm…so was it difficult in calculating the average hours ? I would have said, Yes!
Sleeping hours are never static, they fluctuate more than anything in our life in the world that we live in. Sometimes, we allow ourself the luxury of sleeping for some ‘appropriate’ number of prescribed hours for a civilised human being and sometimes we fail in doing so. But having said that, I’m tempted to again ask, whether there are any number of hours that, in terms of numbers, provide us with the sleep with which one would really feel as if they have really slept?  I think, it all varies with time, age, state of mind, to-do-works, etc.
With years of unscientific research, “I have came to notice that, When you sleep more. You feel like sleeping even more.”  On days, when we allow ourself to sleep, there’s no stopping us. Tiredness, boredom and habit are the key factors that tend to make our mind enter into this state of temporary rest. Our body needs it to reboot itself so as to perform various activities efficiently.
Strangely, sleep is always associated with inefficiency. When one finds students dozing in between classes or various bureaucrats sleeping or even our parliamentarians enjoying a little nap in the middle of some discussion ( we of course don’t like it when they do it in public with their eyes shut, its fine if they ‘sleep’ with their eyes wide open).  No matter what the reason might be behind their public displays of this asset called sleep, but sleeping is the culprit of the inefficiencies. Poor sleep!

Even Yawning is associated with sleep or with boredom which ultimately paves way for the former. Leaving aside the fact, that they can even be spread as part of the nexus of watching others doing the same. ( picture YAWNING and you may have it too. Think!).
No matter what is the preference people give it. Possession of this wonderful asset is very much a necessity for our well being. A cozy bed with a soft pillow, an optimum temperature, a place, sufficient time and a cool and stable mind is what is required to retain the asset of sleeping without any difficulty. Our body and our mind, both needs us to help provide ourselves the possession of it.

So, sleep my friend as much as the world allows you to. It sure is the reflection of your life. A good sleep will help in solving all your problems when you wake up.

Hope you have a sound sleep 😉

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