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Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings

Sunday is about to begin,  while I’m yet to sleep off my Saturday.  You know what it means,  right?  The weekend- the much awaited two days of our lives- is about to leave until another week.

As I rue over the lack of constructive work being done,  apart from freeing up some space on my hard drive by watching a few movies and then dozing at ungodly hours,  I pen this down.  Of course,  hoping that at least I’ll get to say that I wrote “something” over the weekend.  Also,  letting the Google crawl my website a little regularly instead of thinking it to be a lost cause.

It’s amusing how time flies as we finish off one weekend after another,  hoping we’d do “better” in the next one. These are like mini new year resolutions which we religiously follow.

Indeed sometimes we do get things done.  Clean up our apartments,  do the dishes,  wash the pile of clothes,  repair things,  get groceries in between,  but these are more of what constitutes “regular” work.  Isn’t?

I must point out that my regular use of these “double quotes” are just a forced attempt to push sarcasm. Sort of how I end up speaking these days,  you know. Pardon me if that irritates you, but that’s just the way it is.

I had decided to be less serious in 2016. One of the biggest reasons I decided to not write about politics at all.  Of course, it was more about not writing On Facebook rather than not writing et all. But,  I’ve managed to stay away from it for this long.

It is tough.  I mean,  that was a BIG part of what I used to write on and now there is this big void.

BTW,  If this sounds like a valentine day letter about politics,  then I’m sorry.  But it’s difficult not to write about it.  But those things still hold true.  There’s hardly any place for a different point of view or a discussion that’d not end up in someone being called an anti-national. There’s no arguing there.

Anyways, continuing to ramble like this and I might actually end up venting more than I should.

This post was just a pointless attempt to not make myself feel bad for not writing something this weekend.  Now that I’ve put down a few lines,  it does feel a little better.

Now,  I’ll head back to catch a few extra hours of sleep.

Blabbering on a Saturday

It is very rare to wake up during the early hours of the morning on a Saturday. It’s Saturday, you know.
So, today when I did (Accidentally), after having slept midway while watching Supernatural, I was a little surprised at myself. Perhaps, the cycling around town after work helped in the dozing off process!
Made myself a hot cup of coffee, sat on the stairs around balcony sipping it, while getting a little dose of Vitamin-D. Sadly, the view from our balcony isn’t that great. Mostly because we live inside this highly congested residential area of Bangalore, even though I tried to indulge myself into the world around from the confines of 4th Floor.

Morning gets better when you start off with this.

Morning gets better when you start off with this.

Generally these stray moments with myself are supposed to result in putting me in deep thoughts. Thoughts about life and crap. But I was actually thinking Electricity bills, filling out the groceries, washing clothes and other “important” crap.
Aaah!! The pleasures of the damned working life.
Finally, I also made plans to take my bicycle to the Decathlon store for its first servicing and also to work on a few writing assignments that are due. But well, plans remain plans, especially when I make them.
Yet to even take a shower or to clean the place, which only happens once-a-week. No, not both just the cleaning part. Thankfully, the dinner last night was cooked keeping in mind the Saturday laziness and hence Brunch went well.
Switching off the never-ending tv series’ is tough but well I finally did it and ended up blabbering a little to feed the starving blog. Interesting fact, the blog lost a few posts and lots of amazing comments due to my stupidity and GoDaddys’ over efficiency. But with the Almighty’s grace, it is back in order.

I should accept that it did scared the hell outta me, when I thought I would lose ALL my content. It would have been just impossible to start off again.
I do wonder though, whether it would have resulted in  a sort of  blogging death or would have given a fresh new start to my writing. Kind of like being born again, right? Who doesn’t want a clean slate ?
Only in this case, the slate remains a testimony to how life and perspectives have changed over time as far as I’m concerned.
But, I’m still trying to make this as a fresh start to writing. It’s a new day and a there’s’ always something to write.

A day with myself..

 A day with myself……..

Waking up from my sleep and rubbing my eyes, which were still itching due to lack of sleep, I just sat on the bed for a moment, curling up and thinking. Thinking nothing, as there was actually NOTHING to think about after almost 3months (3 long months!!). Looked at my phone to check the time, (of course, checking time also means checking messages, missed calls or fb/twitter notifications) it was 1.23 PM. Recalled, last night was pretty long, extending up to around 6.30 in the morning perhaps.

It all started even before the last exam got over, Ximeans, instead of concentrating on the last two end-term papers, was seen discussing about their holiday plans. Destinations ranged from their home to down south into God’s own country or even Goa. Exams finished, all were happy. No matter how their paper went, at least there was a sense of relief in many of their faces. Though their eyes looked tiring, yet there was this tinge of excitement and happiness shining bright in each of them.

What followed was a rush in the hostel, to pack up their belongings, arranging for a transport to airports, stations, etc. My job was limited to wishing people happy holiday, telling them to bring along sweets or eatables, explain my reasons of not going home (in turn coming to know that many didn’t knew where my hometown was), and the likes.

And then they all left!!

It was me and me again along with the deserted second floor in the afternoon that I woke up to, today. Instead of ruing about not going home and with thoughts of making this day productive, I strolled out of bed to catch up my lunch in the canteen ( of course after finishing my morning “chores”, or to say afternoon J ). Post lunch, it was time for me to turn into a dhobi who had to empty an almost whole cupboard of dirty clothes and clean them up too. With random songs playing on my Asus, finished them all up, including bed-sheets and blankets (the last item washed seriously deserves an applaud man, phew ‘twas difficult!).

After bathing myself without any hurry (after ages) and plugging in my earphones, kicked out to fill up my paapi pet which was starving with all the work done. Eating puffs and a coffee to follow it up, in some bakery, went down for some more Food-hunting. Came across a thela frying out bhajiyas and pakodis. Ate, and while doing so thought that this is kind of one of the rare times that I am eating from a roadside thela after coming here (Seriously, what’s wrong with me?!! I used to be a thela foodlover some era back 🙂 ).

And then this night came, (and is still not finished, until I sleep), talked with my school friends after a long time, updated and got updated, watched random videos, from cricket to dance to even saddam husein’s court proceeding (sheer joblessness 🙂 ) and then after complete exhaustion decided to type down and torture some of you who might be reading this. (you still there ? 🙂 )

Days come and days go, what matters, is how much productivity one could take out from it. In the end, maybe that’s what matters (So not LP J). There was no deadlines to meet, no exams to worry about, no one to discuss about “bad-food”, no complaints, no demand. There was nothing, just me, whom I liked. (such a narcissist :)).

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