Party A come to power after complaining continuously for years about the policies of Party B. Complaining about policies, law & order, Corruption and every move by the Ruling party, A. B does all sorts of protests, from stalling Parliament and not letting any laws to pass or any discussions to take place to coming out with press conferences demanding Resignation from the PM. Party B does it all to keep their attack mode always On.

Newsrooms are filled with debates where representatives from A and B (and occasionally a random C) fight out on who can shout the loudest. Not only newsrooms, Social Media is abuzz with trends from supporters of A and B, abusing each other and fighting about their Party’s “credibility” from issues ranging from Corruption to mis-governance. Neither of those debates give out any results but the higher decibel levels that the Party spokesperson (even the self-confessed ones) can reach or their supporters can trend through the day, determines the apparent support towards A or B. The battle is not only between the parties. Battle is between their supporters too.

From one issue to another, the TRP Hungry channels swindle between issues and ensure that whatever grabs more eyeballs gets more coverage. While supporters from each camp, blame these news channels for selective coverage. The outrage is also selective and limited, depending when their own party is in the wrong.

No matter whether it is A or B, the policies hardly change. Apart from of course the names of those policies. Party A even starts implementing those very policies which it opposed when B was in power.

Hypocrisy? Indeed.

Every media channel or News reporter gets branded as a “Dalal” (The Indian word for the middle man, in a derogatory sense of course) or more recently as a “Presstitute”.

And to single out one party in this would be again taking a side. Something which has actually created this entire hoopla. Our urge to side with one party has emboldened them to keep the divide and enjoy the perks alternatively.

It just doesn’t matter which party is in power, our roads continue to house countless potholes, while the garbage refuses to leave the streets, the water quality keeps getting deteriorated and electricity has a mind of being absent at its own will.

Do you think there is going to be any change if B is in power or it is A. It wouldn’t matter even if a C comes in.

But for us, what matters is, which one we like. We are okay with potholes if the party we like is in power. We will crib about it when it is in opposition. We want our “party” to win.

For some reason that party becomes our “own”.

On a lot of levels, I believe these politicians behind closed doors would be meeting and laughing at who made a better “pappu” of their supporters. And no, I’m not referring to that “Pappu” (I know, Ironic)!

Point is, no matter which is your “A” or which is your “B”, nothing is going to change. We will crib based on our own biased views (Yes, we all are biased towards something) and appreciate something. As the year is about to come to an end, let’s try to (at least try) to take things a little more objectively than siding with either A or B, or the new “C”.

When it comes to politics, “Iss Hamam me sab nange hain”.

Instead of being on the side of “A” or “B”, try to worry about your own welfare and be on your side. Right now, we are not on OUR side.

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