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… and I move along

Running away from the shadows of the past..
driving down the hill onto uncertainty, I move along..

Building castles on the hazy air around..
Crafting the new life from the fossils left behind, I move along..

Cutting out the broken parts…
Shedding down the dead leaves, I move along..

As the reality dawns with the growing dark night..
and the picture becomes clear, I move along…

…walking towards the blurred goals..

Through the noises in the crowd, my silence shouts aloud..

From the laughter gathered around, sorrow just lies around…


Behind the mask of the affectionate smile, the tears just flow about…

Among the illuminating faces, the shadow of me spins around..


among the certainties of life, the simplicity complicates around..

When inching closer to goals, the fog just moves around…


Moving my way towards the ideal goals, i falter around..

Goal still remains the same, the path just blurs itself..


Silence is what accompanies this dark boulevard..

Putting on the mask, I Walk towards you…






koi nayi subah ke sang..

Ulfaton ke ghere me shab jo thi beeti..

Ujaale subah ke bhi kuch haseen na lage…


do ghoonth coffee ke bhi jo gatke..

raat ka andhera yun chaaya raha aankhon me…


to yun tum aa khade koi nayi subah jaise..

ghoonth ab is pyaale ke bhi de rahe kuch alag maza…


manzar ab ye koi naya to nahi..

par kuch naya lag raha hai jaane kyun..

Kissa arson ka..

Chahun to chand lamhon me kissa khatam ho..

Taalun to arse beete jaaye…


Chahun to pul lafzon ke bunta jaun..

Jo rok lun to chaukhat bhi paar na ho…


Taareef karun to tumhare kaan dard hojaye..

Jo na bolun to dil pe parten jamti jaaye…


Kehne ko bas do lafz hi kaafi honge..

Darun to bas baaten ghumata hi jaaun…


Chahun to chand lamhon me kissa khatm ho..

Taalun to arse beete jaaye…

Syahi khatm jo hogayi..

Syahi khatm jo hogayi..

Kalam ki syahi hui hai khatam..

bhar diye jo panne, likh likhke unke liye….

Panne woh, jo unhone padhe bhi nahi..

woh, jo unhone fenke bhi nahi..

Fenk dete to dil me hota kuch dard..

dekha jo nahi.. to hai himmat hogayi past..

Yun to umr bhar likhne ki chaah thi..

par kambakht syahi hogayi hai khatm ab…

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