In my series of Posts on some beautiful people I met during my SUPA journey. Here comes the second one. Story of an ambitious girl who aspires to become the “Son of her father”


KAVITA KUMARI- An unfinished poem…

With ambitions of becoming the “Son of her father” and to fulfill her mission of self reliance, Kavita Kumari, has always displayed a smiling face even in the midst of various difficulties. Kavita is the daughter of Shri Ramji giri and is second daughter in a family of five daughters. Coming from Ithkhori in Chattra district, she was never interested in studies. Her interest area used to be in household work and tailoring. She never took her studies seriously, until her sisters showed faith in her determination of doing something for the family. With a prayer to excel always on her lips and with faith bestowed upon her by the family, she was determined to keep up to everyone’s expectation.

Her disability was never an issue for her during her schooling and she used to do almost everything like the normal kids around her. After completing her Intermediate examination, she also worked as a “Care Giver” under Jharkhand Siksha Pariyojna, where she was meant to teach 6 disabled children. In course of time, she even started a Tailoring centre, something that she loved doing herself. While using the tailoring machine, she felt as if using a computer and felt proud in the process too. Also, by doing these little works and supporting her family even though in a very limited way, she felt proud of meeting the expectations of her family. Something that she had always wanted to do was getting reflected in her father’s eyes when she used to talk with her. Her “becoming the son of her father” dream was slowly and steadily gaining shape.

In 2008, she began to be associated with Jharkhand Viklang Manch (JVM) and a lot of her work started post joining JVM. Not only she became more active and concerned regarding other disabled people, but also took measures to help them in every possible way she could. She used to locate different disabled, whether she knew them or not it didn’t mattered, and tell them about the various benefits that are there for them and would even help them to avail those too. She believes that by helping others, all of them will be together as a force and would strive towards success.

Not that her life has always been following the same upward path of success, but there has been downfalls too every now and then. Her eyes get all moist while she recalls one of her life’s incidents. She had decided to only marry someone if she loved a person. And she did loved one. But it was difficult for her to hear rejection just because of her disability. That No coming from a certain special someone made her feel different, different from other girls out there and it was all due to her disability. Even with her heart broken, she vowed to not let that hamper any off her activities. Getting to know about learning at Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), was one of the happiest days of her life as she had always wanted to study outside her hometown.

She believes a person should take time for herself, only then others will help him. Her desire to help herself and others have taken her this far and is bound to achieve even more. Here at IDTR, she tries to teach others about self reliance and learn a lot from others too. She is determined to progress ahead in her life to finish what she has started, the mission be useful to her as well as others too. The journey to finish her Poem on a happy note has just begun.