Director: Indra Kumar

Cast:  Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi , Aftab Shivdasani ,Sonali Kulkarni ,Manjari Fadnis ,Karishma Tanna ,Kainaat Arora ,Maryam Zakaria ,Bruna Abdullah, Suresh Menon 

Runtime: 143 Minutes

It’s gross, filled with stupefied age-old jokes with vulgarity peeking from every corner, mindless-song sequences to make you believe that its’ still bollywood, a fantasy-like storyline with a similar masti-like conscience-hitting scene pulled in, Girls; actually hot-looking girls with clothes as short as their acting prowess bgrand masti reviewut of course justifying their presence with a little help from the doctors’. But at the end of it all, the one thing that holds it all together is the same mindlessness with which the movie is made. Its adult and it is indeed fun. Might not be India’s American pie but a wannabe attempt to make it possible, by borrowing one from American pie: Reunion.



Married couples with a sex-deprived life for work, family or kids and the frustration brewing out of it, only to be maneuvered in a no-holds barred College re-union to live life without any of the marriage-barriers. The three leads stroll out to attend the re-union of their castle-like College with aspirations of reliving their Adult-Alphabet like fascination, where A, B, C & D don’t mean Apple, Balls or Cats. (Yea, you can figure that out).

What happens next, how their aspirations of “Grand Masti” unravel and how stupid things can get, is what the movie is all about.

Ritiesh is the only one, who actually acts in the movie, while Aftaab comes up with weird expressions while coming up with his crazy ideas. Vivek forces himself upon the story, where clearly he could have done great by not being too overboard. Girls, well there are too many. While, Karishma Tanna, Sonalee Kulkarni, and Manjari Fadnis, play the wives of the three leads. And the other three (Maryam Zakaria playing Rose,Kainaat Arora playing Mary and Bruna Abdullah playing Marlo) also add up to make matters interesting.

Jokes revolve around names, used and re-used adult lingos and excessive exposure to feed the testosterone starved audience, but still works in parts to make you laugh sometimes at the mere stupidity or the adult jokes which pulls themselves from your circles to the big screen. In many of the scenes it actually makes no sense at all, making you wonder on the logic. But finding logic is not what this film boasts of, and anything like logic or making sense is strictly absent.


Imagine letting a thief steal from your house to not disturb your plans of having sex with your wife, and even suggesting him to take away your kid so as to reduce any trouble. Well, scenes like these are baffling enough to surprise you.

With strictly for adults and in no way being compromising on not being vulgar it works for the target audience for which it is made. Its’ a mindless stress buster entertainment package and a different genre altogether and definitely targeted towards it, watch it with a group of friends to laugh it off.

And yes, only for adults. A  2/5 from me for this Adult comedy by Indra Kumar.