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Daawat-e-Ishq: A dawat you should definitely miss

Review of Daawat-e-Ishq: Go and enjoy a plate of biryani at a hyedrabadi joint near you, instead of qubooling this daawat.

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Aditya Roy kapoor, Anupam Kher

Director: Habib Faisal

Runtime: 125 Minutes


Daawat-e-Ishq movie reviewHyderabad and Lucknow. What do these two cities have in common ? Well, apart from many other things, it’s food. Now, a story which moves between these two cities and has a tagline of a “mouth-watering love story” just fits the description, right ? Only, Daawat-e-Ishq does Not.

The biggest flaw of the story is the way it has been captured. The Cinematography is just painstakingly boring even with a story concept as such. The Instagram food pictures on my profile (https://www.instagram.com/badmashfrq/)look far better than the how the mouth-watering dishes appear in the movie, that too when the hero (Aditya Roy Kapoor) runs a restaurant!!!

Definitely, the foodie in me was deeply hurt. As far as story is concerned, it definitely tries to delve into the menace of Dowry. It tries to capture how even the padha-likha youth of our country still doesn’t see it as the evil that it is.

Conceptualization aside, there’s hardly anything that goes right for Dawat-e-ishq. It makes you wonder, whether you are watching the unedited and still unpolished version of the movie.

Anupam Kher puts in a solid performance as Habibullah and that is probably the only character you’ll remember once this boring saga ends with another watched-it-thousand-times-before-and-got-bored climax.

Although a lot of detailing and effort has gone into using authentic dialects, be it hyedrabadi or lucknowi, supporting characters, location and food details, yet it all seems like a punishment when you have to pay to watch this.

This happens to be Parineeti’s worst performance till date, while for some strange reasons Aditya Roy kappor manages to make a little mark. Of course, giving those terrible song-and-dance routines would have been better. There are moments and typical Hyedrabadi dialogues that do make you laugh, but unless you have an association with it, it won’t matter.

Daawat-e-Ishq is an opportunity gone wasted to highlight the terrible plight of dowry system . What it does however is bore you out with something that is not even close to mediocre. Sadly, it doesn’t bring out the simplicity of Do dooni Char not catches up with the flamboyance of Ladies vs Ricki Behl by the same director, Habib Faisal.

I’m going with 1/5 for the movie. Go enjoy the biryani at a Hyedrabadi joint near you, instead of qubooling this daawat.

Gori Tere Pyaar me :My review

Cast: Imran Khan, Kareena kapoor, Shraddha kapoor, Anupam kher

Director: Punit Malhotra 

Runtime: 148 minutes

If you plan to go for “Gori tere pyar me”, than prepare yourself for a double trouble of having to watch two movies in one., with both of them terribly made, of course as Imran khan graces both of them. If your idea of watching it as a Rom-com is what pushed you to a theatre then, surely that is going to put you to sleep.

The story is about Sridevi (that’s’ what our hero is called by his ladylove while he’s named SriRam), who returns to India from USA with an American lifestyle, and a never-to-care for family attitude and a total wreck at that. Falls in love with an extreme over-the-top social activist, Dia (Kareena kapoor), who is obsessed with her social work, so much so that she fakes to be a pregnant woman just to clear out the traffic  and of course, even goes ahead in helping out a village come to terms with its development needs.

gori tere pyaar me review

There’s an old looking hardcore-activist (kareena) with a boy (Imran), who never seemed be learning the trait of something called acting. The story revolves around Imran, and the major reason this ship sinks thanks to him too.  He’s like a lost kid in every frame that is captured, be it with his Tamilian parents (who always speak accented hindi) or with Kareena, where he acts like a school kid coming to terms with a relationship with a woman. Scenes involving Shraddha kapoor are somehow mellowed down, thanks to the girls’ down to earth acting in a tam-bram girls’ role. Kareena seems to have put in very little effort and is kind of a happy-go-lucky approach in her role.

Songs are loud and may be great for the dj-nights being put up in various discotheques but sadly, you hardly have any good music coming out of it. Vishal-Shekhar didn’t seem to have invested too much thought on this, I guess. Some songs, even remind you of similar tunes. (Plaigiarised ? ).

Dialogues are neither funny nor romantic, but surely there are many which will have a facepalm effect. Direction by Punit Malhotra is worse than his previous outing in “I hate Love story”, where misplaced priorities through the script, makes it worse for him. The story could have been cut short, rather than stuff in too much in almost 2 hours 30 minutes, and the casting could have been given a little more thought upon.

The movie tries to complicate and advances itself onto many routes, which basically is copying other similar movies of the genre and being shoved into this new bottle. It’s boring and lousy, with some terrible piece writing and a bit long for a Rom-com which it was supposed to be. I’ll highly advice you to not waste your time running after the two “Goris” in the movie. One of them being Imran khan.

I’m going with a 1.5/5 for this boring rom-com.

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Special26- My take

Directed by Neeraj Pandey, whose “A Wednesday” is still etched as a masterpiece in our minds, Special 26 stars Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher , Manoj Bajpai and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles, with many faces from his previous film making appearances too.

The plot, as was evident in the trailers, revolves around a fake CBI team conducting raids on Ministers and businessmen.  Taking us to different places where one can hide money, from secret safes behind Idols to ceilings packed with money to crooked walls and what not. The “Catch me if you can”-isque attitude with which Akshay and his team conducts raids with sincerity to rob the black money from corrupted people where no one wants to file an FIR for obvious reasons or “for reasons best known to them” as would be corrected by one. All goes well until the Real CBI gets involved and here comes Manoj Bajpai.

special26 movie review

While this chor-police game continues to take shape, there is a complicated love story running along with it between Akshay and south-starlet Kajal, where we don’t exactly know the reason why they cannot be together, maybe “for reasons best known to them”. There’s also a “wedding song” pitched in, of obvious reasons of being a Bollywood film.

Akshay comes out good with this Special26, and may have finally realized that movies shouldn’t be just made for commercial success, and that’s a good sign. Anupam kher, Manoj Bajpai, Jimmy shergill and all the others do put up decent performances to make special26 special.

There are of course loopholes, but in the end everything falls into p;lace and you are made to believe that this was the same guy who directed Wednesday, with evident touches of that amazing movie coming in.

The sluggishness in some parts has been tried to be fast-tracked forcefully, which gets evident in the frst half, but automatically gains pace in the second. The movie is a good watch, if you are okay with keeping this in mind that it captures the late-80’s in its backdrop, yet tries to entertain you in 2013 and does a pretty decent job.

So, here’s a  3/5 for Neeraj pandey’s special26 and a suggestion to not miss Akshay’s Once-in-a-blue-moon act in this movie with some fine touches of a wednesday.

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