First, the Negatives:

Keep things positive. Most of the posts tend to sound negative. Even though people might relate to those, as everyone is troubled with their own life, but it would be great to keep the tone positive. This will help in attractive a wider audience. Subconsiously, everyone wants Positivity.

Some of your writing tend to be targetted towards the ‘intellectuals’ and might be difficult to grasp for the non la meridians. They tend to become prose than simple blogs. Many seem to have started reading novels after reading the simple language stories of Chetan Bhagat.

As Kalam sahab once said, share atleast one good/positive story that will rejuvinate the reader. As basic as sharing a candy with a kid.

Personally, I’d prefer reading the science behind something rather than purely opinionated posts. Especially when it comes to politics.

Now positives

There’s a certain zing in your writing and you know how to play with words. There are few funny elements, but there can be more.
I dont know about the grammatical part,  but thoda aur seamless flow chahiye.

Topic selection is good. Do try to venture to the comic side.

Writing is to-the-point, So that’s good
Have the potential ki logon ko bandh k rakho till last.

Manish Manohar

It would be really wonderful if the opening page -home page has a small picture of you . It can be anywhere … it will give a personal touch and help your readers connect to you. Now people have to actually go to about me page to find about you.
I like the photographs of travelogue … beautifully placed
Does the page have a drop down list where everything can be listed and searched?
Like : if I have to read about the Mumbai travelogue … I can directly search it

Why don’t you create a Pinterest or instagram thing for revering thoughts …. the travelogue photos can be added on Pinterest giving a link to your website .. I think it will help get traffic to the website
Writing muze pasand hai .. its sweet and simple .. and I think general public likes simple things … jyada complicated thik nahi
It’s cool ????

I give you a two-star rating out of five. Reason: I feel that your content and style is comparable to the “Times of India”. To get a five-star rating from me, you will need content, language and style comparable to “The Hindu”.

Please pay more attention to grammar, agreement of the verb with the subject (which is, of course, an integral part of grammar) and the choice and usage of words.

I understand that there are days when you are in a hurry to post before midnight. Would urge you to check, recheck and then post. Time for you to think, reflect, and if possible, act on my suggestions. As Nehru wrote in one of his letters to Indira, “You know sweetheart, how I dislike sermonizing and doling out good advice. Imagine that I have made a suggestion to you for you to think over, as if we were really having a talk.”

Hello… I really appreciate the drive you have man.. I read your posts whenever I come across it but then I am not huge on Facebook though.. I love your take on simple things.. with the window wala being my favourite.. best things is the conversational tone you use. where as some of those deep things are definitely not my cup of tea but I would like to think it’s one of those “writers indulgence”. Anyways.. keep going.. looking forward to many more!!

Hey .. I just read ur blog post , I have only good things to share (which u might have heard already). The best thing is that it’s very relatable and bang on, as a reader they make me think stuff that I might not have consciously realized. I like how it’s structured and is a reflection of your personality, the way you sometimes personalise it. Would have loved to advise you on areas to improve but I really can’t think of anything. ?

Hey Farooq… I’ve been religiously following all ur blog posts.. And I must say you write so very well.

Well I don’t think you need any changes as such the way you write. Because mostly u write ur opinion on things…so keep going.

Your simple but effective language Is your plus. And I love the way you put across your thoughts… Coherent. Personally, I would like to see you write more light-hearted / witty/sarcastic ones… I know you can be damn good at sarcasm ? At the end of the day, when I read something like that it’s an energy booster…
There is nothing like bad. You are seasoned now. Earlier there used to be needed for spell even that is not needed I guess
And.. Some post might sound more of a ranting or rambling. Maybe that was the intended tone..not sure..
Ohhh… Only 1 that I have is, never use past tense with did, which I often see you doing.
Great writing style and grammar on point too 🙂 I don’t see anything amiss that I should bring to your notice
Keep going!:)
First, the good:
1) Love the layout, especially the fact that the landing page lists your latest posts and not a static page
2) Good About page, the type that pulls a reader in
3) Like the menu setup. Easy to navigate
Few areas of improvement:
1) Add a link to your social media handles somewhere. It becomes easier to connect for those visiting your blog and want to stay in touch
2) (This is optional) an archive scroll widget somewhere at the bottom would be nice (but if you don’t like it then never mind)
About the Posts:
The posts themselves are fine. I’ve read some in the past. Today I read FOMO wala and falling short. Both are well written, concise and interesting.
Your writing is good. Very mature topics
And I’ve read nearly all your travelogues I think. Not today but before.
Good luck and Congrats once again on the 100th
Personally I prefer keeping seperate blog for movie reviews and all other movie related stuff…… your thoughts and other stuff in a seperate blog…. (It would be helpful for you if in future you are planning to make writing your source of ? and butter )
I have observed how your writing has evolved over the years. I believe more so because of consistently writing

How do you get time to explore so many locations and write about them?
You describe very well what u see bro

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