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Freedom of speech ?

Have you ever wondered how families of criminals, murderers, rapists feel when one of their own gets arrested for their crimes, or it comes out that one has done any crimes ?

When terror attacks happen (which, apparently only Muslims commit), we get the exact same feeling. The feeling that someone from our extended Islamic community did the horrifying act. We feel hurt, just like anyone else. To tell you the truth, we feel more hurt than anyone else. Its understood that some of you, who would be reading this will have their own notions about Islam and Muslims, notions which are largely part of how you see us painted by Media.

Picture this, “a shooter opens fire in a school in London”

and this, “A jihadi-militant opens fire in a school in london”

I don’t even have to tell you, to create opinions on your own about Muslims and Islam, as you already might have.

I don’t want to make this another “justification”, which we have to do after every attack and that is partly why I didn’t even made a statement condemning it. Why, you ask ?

Well, because that is what we do. It is as if to tell the world that we didn’t do that, there were some nut-heads at work, so please don’t brand us along with them.

Being branded is not new to us, we have grown accustomed to it. We have to carry an additional baggage of feeling hurt and guilty that there are people who wouldn’t blink an eye before blaming Islam for everything that happens by the acts of a few. I’m tired. Actually, we are tired. But then, there is always this hope that people will understand this, someday.

We are questioned for everything.

There’s Bakried (Eid-ul-Azha), and a whole lot of organisations up in arms telling the world about so many animals being sacrificed in the name of religion. Yes, we do sacrifice animals in the name of our religion, we eat the meat, distribute it among the poor and even revere that meat for days and not waste it.

Media brings out topics on terrorism and asking us views of Muslims on that. Please keep a note, we condemn every one of those attacks. We also condemn all attacks on our religion. We also condemn derogatory speeches or cartoons which violate our religious practices. We, also condemn the attacks on people in the name of our religion or Prophet. We don’t want to kill people who don’t agree with us, but then what you can do about some crazy ones ?

We are responsible for so many things. All the problems in the world is just because of us. Right ?

Someone even filed a petition to stop the morning azaan (early morning call to prayer) as it disturbs sleep. Talk about freedom of speech. Irony, anyone ?

I’m all okay, and so would other Muslims be, with the idea of freedom of speech. But don’t be selective in that. The daily, which was hell-bent on publishing offensive Islamic cartoons, rejected a few cartoons publications as they were antisemitism. Yeah, right freedom of speech!!

I’m okay, sad but okay, to see people use their freedom of speech. But it is very difficult to digest the hypocrisy. Just don’t support Freedom of speech for your convenience.

For the record, I don’t like Tasleema Nasreen or Salman Rushdie, because their idea of Islam is wrong. I won’t go and kill them or issue fatwas against them. I didn’t liked MF hussain too, I wouldn’t have let him leave India too.

This quote, sums up my Idea of Free speech perfectly

This quote, sums up my Idea of Free speech perfectly

Don’t blow the horn of Freedom of speech when you are the one speaking.

Thank you Dhoni

To MSD: A fan-letter

There were no “news leaks” floating around about retirement, there was no marketing to make a full-house farewell and nor there was any photo-op to bid farewell to the longer format of the game. Everything was same as it has always been.

A silent march, with stumps in his hands, and the same attitude which he has always carried on, he called it a day.

MS Dhoni retirement press conference

[Picture Courtesy:]

I won’t argue with people on whether he was better in tests than One dayers or he wasn’t in any or any random accusation which the anti-dhoni brigade will come up with.

You die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Was he slowly inching towards that ?

For someone who has admired him from the time he played in the India-A squad in Zimbabwe, and then being called in for the Bangladesh tour, it is difficult to imagine him being the villain. Not now, not ever.

It is not just the aggressive batting style, or his captain cool avatar but also the way he has carried himself off the field. He is an icon.

Its a little unusual to take in, that he has retired. But with him still being there for ODI’s is a relief.


Kohli is amazing batsmen and it would be great to see him lead the test side with his brand of aggressive captaincy.

To the captain, who carried the team of veterans as well as youngsters.

Thank you Dhoni

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Cheers to Mahendra Singh Dhoni!! You’ll always remain an icon.

2014 in review by

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,900 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

6 months after I started working…


Last Working day of this month. The penultimate month of the year is about to end. I have my confirmation letter in the drawer beside me. Oh yes, completed 6 months on the job and can officially throw away the trainee tag out of my Job title. (Aah! That feeling 🙂 )

The weekend is almost there, right when I’ll step outside the office, the anticipation growing, while I type this. Work has been roadblocked by the absence of one of my boss (Oh, I have 5 of them) and the urge to write something instead of continuing to work for the day.

There’s a lot to be said about what’s my work like to me, but with the lack of any comparative standard (as this is my first job), I’m at a loss of words (actually, appropriate words).

I’ve prepared this list of things that I’ve got to do, and things that I’ve done. The list stares at me in the board of my cubicle. It’s a long list of things. But the post-its on top of that elusive list tells me, If I can do those, I can kick the others’ asses too :P.

It has been years since I’ve regained my confidence. Getting it back has been the biggest achievement for me in the last 6 months. To categorize this as having “proven myself”, will be too much of an exaggeration but yes, would love to brag that the road has been chosen (chosen wisely). Sometimes, I wonder how thing would have been had I taken the Sales job offered back then. But then, I am thankful for this one.

List of Things to do

A lot of credit goes to how things went during my MBA days. And this includes both good and the bad (Ohh, real bad!!). Somehow, the way things fell in place only makes me understand the beauty of Allah. I mean with every day, I become more mesmerized of his blessings. I’ve been really lucky in a lot of things.

One other chapter (I call them as chapters too) that I’ve added to my life in these months is fulfilling my desire to travel. It is not just about the places which I travel to, but the journey itself. My one-trip-a-month has been going on right since I joined this job. I do look forward for many more such trips, especially now when I’ll get to have more leaves (Permanent, you know 😛 ). While Pondicherry was the first time I travelled, explored and immersed in a place. Mumbai, with its charm and Mangalore with friends had its own magic. And of course the bike trip to yelagiri was another way to catch up with nature, myself and falling in love with the road.

A job teaches you a lot of things. To manage yourself completely.  Learning to handle your finances, to look forward to salary day and yes to forget about everything related to work over the weekend!! (I’ve already forgot :P)

It has its share of frustrations as well. The work-cribbing, the bad coffee, bottle-necks, deadline pressures, work getting more technically inclined (you have no idea, from MBA in Marketing to being branded a web developer in office) and no system in place.

But when I look at things from a different angle, understanding of not looking at your bosses or work environment from the eyes of existing employees, necessary deadlines to make me complete work faster, learning technical things which any other Marketing job, wouldn’t have made me do and working like a one-man army without a constraint.

Did I forget something? Yes bad coffee?? They replaced the machine so its decent now. And even if not, there should be one thing to crib about your office right? 😛

Happy B’day Api :)

The other day I was at Savoury in Dairy Circle, the first thing came to my mind was, that I was there with you.

Had gone to Jayanagar the other day, ate at Kedia’s, had coffee at Maiya’s and another time went for a steak at Flamenco’s too. 

Although visiting theaters was for a long time a regular affair with me, now it isn’t, I still remember going there with you and your friends. 

Most of the things I do, Bangalore serves as a reminder of you. ( Believe me, now it seems really really boring. )

I remember our late night little drives. Just when you felt like having coffee moments, or even walks around your apartments sometimes. 

Still remember getting scolded about watching too many Tv series’ even on weekends, on being called “Gadha”.

Miss watching you do all your decorating DIYs and being so excited like kids in showing me all the new ones every weekend. 

There are a whole lot of things that I end up recalling you for, (You know I’m bhulakkad like you), can’t recall all of them here at this point. 

I simply cannot imagine my life in college without weekends’s at your place. 

It’s not that only these years that matters. Right from the time i was a child, to this very day, you have been my most loved sister. I can still visualize myself crying near the door, whenever it was time to go back home after summer vacations. 

I remember how we used to dance, me on that little sofa and you taking me in your arms.Still remember your college chronicles that you used to describe before we used to sleep. 

Out of the many things I wanted to do when I got my salary was to take you out for a big fancy dinner. Sadly, can’t afford to go saath samundar paar for that now 😛 

It feels so amazing to see you happy and jovial as always, doing things which you wanted to. 

Happy B'day api :)

Happy B’day api 🙂

Wishing you a very happy birthday to you Api 🙂 


ReveringThoughts: 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 30,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Getting NASHty

Roaming around in one of the crowded inner markets of Bangalore, I found it too difficult to get through, especially with a vehicle to escort with me, which was more of a problem than actually helping ease it. God bless those poor ones who had to make their cars penetrate the confusing and crowded markets, where getting lost is not a big deal at all.

The dictionary would describe markets as a place where buyer and sellers interact to exchange the possession of goods or services by either transfer of a good (as in a barter system) or the equivalent of the good (currency notes/gold, etc). In marketing terms, a market is nothing but a collection of consumers.

Leaving the definitions aside, a market is one of the most happening places in any city. Shops swarm every nook and corner meeting the eye. One thing that is similar in all sorts of market is, similar shops (as in selling the same product) clustered in one lane. And so it’s not a surprise when you have electronic lane, paranthe wali gali, kasai mohalla etc like places in many parts of the country.

But why they have to be there all in one place?

Won’t it affect their businesses with increased competition??

The consumer will have numerous options to go ahead and randomly go to a shop. Then why follow this pattern??

Let’s just take a little help from what John Nash in answering this question. Who is John Nash? You can read it here.

I’ll just try to keep it simple by imagining you to think of a market with just two shops, selling the same product. For e.g., say cold drink. Now, this market is in the middle of a big city and people can come and go from both ends. If suppose Mr. X starts his business by putting up his stall near one end of the market space, he is sure to gain most of the customers from that end, but the customer staying at the other end would find it tasking to go all the way to the other end.  Suppose to capture the customers from the other end, Mr. Y puts up another stall selling cold drinks to the other end, and then people of the other end will visit his stall to thirst their throats with colas. This way Mr. X loses out to Mr. Y many of his customers from the other end. But then, Mr. X decides to shift his shop to the middle of the market so as to get the market share that it lost to Mr. Y. Of course, he would definitely end up increasing the whole share. But seeing this, Mr. Y would also shift his shop from one end to the middle, almost next to Mr. X. This way both end up being adjacent to each other, by finding equilibrium point to maximize their sales.

Now, just use the example above to think of a market place where most of the shops are placed in almost in the same lane. John Nash devised this concept and it is called, “Nash equilibrium”, which is defined as “a pair of strategies (a*, b*) in a two-player game such that a* is an optimal strategy for A against b* and b* is an optimal strategy for B against A*.

So, the next time you visit any electronic lane or a paranthe wali gali, you can remember Nash and his equilibrium concept to know, why it is so.

Blogger and WordPress-Both on the same page

Hello all, i’ve reposted all my previous blogs from Blogger ( and to WordPress ( Now, with all the blogs having the same content (minus the comments and feedback of course), i’ll be posting my new posts in all of them. depending upon your convenience and interests, you can read from any of these. 

Looking forward to writing regularly. 

Thank you, adios. 🙂

My Crescent, My School

This post is dated May 18, 2012


                              It’s been almost two days, since the first Re-union party at our Crescent school and still it is taking a bit of time to sink in that many things have changed over the last 5 years or so. The last time we were at the school 5 years back and the one that we visited two days back is in it has a stark contrast. It feels so pleasing to see the various developmental works in school. Before I proceed to give the whole development stats, I would like to refresh you of the Crescent school that it was 18 years back when I joined and changes that took place over the time that I was associated with it.
                                Our school was founded in 1975 and it’s almost in its 38th year of existence. 38 years is almost four decades!!!! This English medium school would be a money earning tree by now, if the founders of this school had wanted to. No English medium school would have the kind of fee structure as to what Crescent school students pay. It is very much affordable for almost all the families living in Azad Nagar area which is dominated with low income group families. And this has been the vision and aim of the founders of our school, Late Mr. Shamim Ahmed and Mrs. Eva Ahmed to provide quality education to people of all groups. The vision with which they gave shape to this school is slowly gaining shape now in the hands of their daughter Dr. Shazia Ahmed.
                                My first memory of Crescent school is when I was admitted in Mini –Nursery at the age of 3, and as is customary, it was very difficult for my grandpa to let go off a crying baby for hours in the school. But, they had to, and I needed too. Throwing away a lot of tantrums and crying my vocals out, I would sit in the classroom. With time, the crying baby was pacified by the teachers and A-B-C-D… would then be infused in my little head. Tiffin would get finished even before teacher’s signaled for us to eat it. All those “Put-Your-Head-Down-And-Sit” session acted as the perfect time to commit that crime of treating ourselves with tiffin. Mini-nursery, Nursery, L.Kg, U.Kg, each of it followed one after another. Learning new things in each of the classes we moved class after class. Sport’s day and Annual day used to bring a whole lot of practice sessions, doing those “Do-the-Boogie-Woogie”, participating in various races, but never actually winning it, yet taking huge pleasure in participating in them. Getting promoted to class-1 came along with many more things, you were not just scared of your teacher’s but also your monitors who would write names of students who used to talk in class in the teacher’s absence and when the teacher would come around, those names used to enjoy a small treatment in the hands of the teacher or her evil stick. Bidding goodbye to the morning session came with the good news that we are now going to be big boys of Day-session and you no more had to sacrifice your sleep.
                               Day session was like being promoted to a whole new level, where you get to be with the big boys. You were made part of one of the four houses, i.e., Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. You had your assembly with all the other classes where you get to maintain cleanliness and discipline. One new thing also was, starting to write with pens instead of pencils. There were various house competitions taking place at regular intervals and it was so great to be a part of all those and win some of it. It was this time that clearly, carved out the creativity in me. Teacher’s day was another huge celebration, and each class participated in a big way. In our first year in class 4 we staged a play called “Aladdin and the Magic lamp” where I played Aladdin. Many did appreciate it and we were even asked to repeat it in the Annual function, the very next year. Two years, we even staged Qawallis and on one occasion danced on some popular bollywood number too, which was so unusual for me (I’m a terrible dancer, to cut it short ) . Sports now had another addition for us, Charlie Chaplin drill. Not just practicing and performing it was fun but also the preparation of the Hat was interesting, getting that perfect shape used to take hours. Other drills included African dance. Where we got dressed as African tribal’s and even dumb bell drills too.
                          Day session was full of activities, sometimes this and sometimes that. Being in school was fun and rarely used to be as compared to the morning session where we used to search for excuses in the morning. There was a sense of competition too here and I suppose that propelled us to be good in our ranks too. Result was awaited like nothing else and to see your name in that list where the top3 ranks were written for each class was amazing. Each class brought about many more memories for us that are still etched in our hearts. Getting scolded for not doing your homework on time, of not covering your copies and books, of talking too much, not polishing your shoes or not washing them on Saturdays (and then using chalk to rescue you out), writing 1000 times various impositions, (“I will not talk in the class, I will bring this copy daily, blah blah.. “), and many more things. There were good things too, like being one of the few who did their homework and sit back in the class while others sit down on the floor doing theirs( esp. English grammar  homework by Miccu teacher), getting a round of applause when answering a question, when no one did, being made an example for a class for something, etc .
                    13 years were spent and then on one fine day, it all ended after finishing our matriculation examination. There were many things that one learnt in all these years, not necessarily every experience was good, but even the bad ones taught us many important things. There were partiality sometime, there were useless expenses, you got scolded for no particular reason, and the things alike. But, looking back those entire things do not matter much, what matters is what we learnt in the due process. We began to respect elders, value friendship, become aware, and it all helped in shaping up the personality that we all now possess. School life has ended and it’s been more than 5 years. Yet, all the things that we learnt in the due process have been more than helpful in gaining the kind of impact that was required to make us from no one to someone.
                   The school, at present, is being developed in a far better way. The things that were missing can now be located and I’ve heard even more changes are expected straight from the horse’s mouth. There is rewards system being implemented for the teachers for encouraging them even more. The whole school has been painted in attractive colors to provide a wonderful environment to the students to learn. The water arrangements have been perfected and so does the assembly ground. It’s a good feeling altogether to see your school in such bright light, and I do hope Inshallah, that it may reach even more new heights.

From Azad Basti to Jatni

It’s been 5 years. 5 years since I moved from my Azad basti to a place, Jatni. Two places which are different in almost every possible way. Geographically speaking, one is in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand while the other is near Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Takes a 7-hour journey by train for you to reach Khurda road railway station, coming out of which, you get to be at jatni.

One the one hand, Azad basti is one place that is just the liveliest place, where no matter what time of the day it is, you will notice people in markets, in their addas, in their shops, in mosques, in various moth watering bakeries and food joints (mostly serving kebabs and niharis and almost all non-veg items), morning starts off with puri , jalebis and halwa at kalkatiya hotel( kolkata’s distant cousin :P) and for evening there is Munki chaat, various sharbat stalls are there to beat the heat too.  You have your family, where you can throw “n” number of tantrums and yet not feel bad about it, stay out late at night enjoying the company of your crazy friends whom you can totally depend upon with all your secrets and fantasies  and what not.

Azad basti, officially Azad nagar, has a strong Muslim-population, and surrounded with Sikhs on one side and Christians and Hindus on the other side, is where I grew up and which continues to be the place where my family lives. The reason of ghetto-formations is the three communal riots that this place has witnessed. Although, it is very much communally peaceful now and you would rarely find any incidents of violence among the different communities. Yet, you find RAF deputed on almost every street in times like Ram Navami and Muharram as a precautionary measure. Of course, incidents of fighting in between the various criminal groups are a regular occurrence in the steel city which sometimes has effects on our Azad basti too.

While, on the other hand there is jatni. A place, which is calm, no matter which business you do, you end up having holidays almost regularly due to strict market union dictats, addas (or khattis as they are called in odia) are regulated due to strong patrolling vehicles, of course there are places where it doesn’t have much of an effect, still they are comparatively reduced. You will hardly find any good non-veg food joint, apart from the fast food places, promising “chinise” or “chainees” delicacies, all clustered in one small street, where you often wonder whether the meat is halal or not.  Of course, in terms of vegetarian food it does throw up a few extra options, but for a person like me, who has grown up eating kebabs and bheja fries, the veggy options are nothing more than ghaans phoons.

Talking about religion and culture, it’s a whole mix of people from the native Odias, the telugus, to Marwari, and some Muslims here and there. The issue of Sunni-Wahabi sect conflict is clearly visible, which is annoying.

Friends, well everyone is a friend here, you get to meet many people with whom you end up having a good time and also very cooperative, yet you sometimes miss that feeling of a friend on whom you can totally depend upon for anything under the sun.

The place is always peaceful, although you find some sort of a weird vibe from members of other communities towards Muslims. When you step out on Friday, in your traditional kurta pyajama, there are more people putting an eye on you than they would do normally back home. Forget about wearing them on almost every other day back at home and no one will even bother. Not to miss voices which think of you as a Pakistani and you should be going back there!!!! To tell you an instance, you get wished on 14th off August for your “Independence day”.  And add to that you being thought off as a Pakistani supporter whenever a cricket match is being played between India and Pakistan or being playfully called jihaadi, or Al-qaida and all. Being a minority has its own share of issues attached with it. I do miss your family, but luckily have my Badi ammi’s (my mom’s elder sis). It’s good to have your family back, minus throwing tantrums. My 5 years would have been difficult if it wasn’t for them.

So, if one asks me which place I would prefer and which is that place that has a strong hand in making me the kind of person who I am? You would think of all the negative things that I wrote about the second place that I went to. Rather, it is the opposite. Jatni, as a place has truly transformed me into a Man. A man with strong determination and independence who does not bother what others have to think of him, which is really tough to put in practice. The one person, who is now optimistic about life and knows how to handle them as well. It has made me realize my true potential as a person and made me more systematic than I really was, more disciplined than I was, more mature than I was and definitely more understanding than I was.

I don’t know, if I would have been what I am, if I had stayed back in Azad basti, but as far as change in me is concerned. It surely is something that is huge. I might, In sha Allah, be moving to Bangalore in a month’s time but the impact that both of these places have had on me will always remain intact in giving a defined perspective.


Moving from blogger to wordpress from this very moment. From this post onward, i will first re-post my old “blogger blogs” to word press one by one. I know, i am not a very good writer, but still i like writing my thoughts and would love to share it with everyone. As always, i am open for your valuable feedback and your constructive criticisms. Feel free to comment anything. 

My blog is nothing but my thoughts, which are weird sometimes. So, any wandering thoughts that come to mind and can be woven into words find its place here…….my daydreaming thoughts,cribbing,etc all in one. 

Looking forward to actually write something that will make you at least read the full post. :). Adios.


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