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What exactly is Revering Thoughts ?

Reverie means the state of being lost in one’s thought or simply put, a daydream. Revering Thoughts is an idea borne out of a random reverie.

When was Revering Thoughts started?

The blog was first born, back in the day in 2008, when Internet was a luxury here in India. In a pay-per-hour Internet Cafe in Jatani, the types which mushroomed at every other street corner, the idea of having a blog to have my own-writing real-estate was born.

Although, it wasn’t until I moved to Bangalore in 2012, that the blog got its re-birth. A new set of readers and the drive to write/express was found in the process. From a boring blogspot to a cool WordPress, the infant blog grew up.

The idea of Revering Thoughts is to be a hub of interesting thoughts, random and specific, a place to crib and rant about the world, a place to share and discuss – opinions about everything- and to document life’s varied passions and interests, which have changed over time.

The blog comprises of a lot of inferences and posts which talk about my personal life, lessons from it or simply memoirs that I like to share with the world.

Apart from this, a running social commentary on every-day happenings, few political tidbits, travelogues and pictures, reviews of movies I watch, and a ton of random philosophies that my reveries lend me the time to write on.

The biggest lesson learnt from writing and airing my opinions over the years is, It’s completely okay to disagree to an opinion and even healthy to open up to debate even radical thought processes. A democracy is borne out of different sets of ideas and not adherence to just one.

If you have any questions about Revering Thoughts or any of its content or would like to collaborate, please email

-Mohammad Farooq



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  1. Bhulakkad bhi likh diyo bhai 😛

  2. Hello!! You had me at Farhaniitteee!!!! Uff! kyaa word coin kiyaa hai! Jai Ho! Jai Ho!

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