Decisions. Unlike the binaries which the world perceives it to be are complex. Complex enough to keep us anchored to our inertia. Disallowing us to move away. The imaginary leash is strong enough to allow us to peek out and yet pull us back.

Holding onto the current state is what we’ve allowed ourselves to function as, instead of striving for that something more on the other side. The one we always peek into.

I know, I know. Comparisons are wrong. But the strive for something better, compared to your own present state, is what keeps you working towards any goal(s). It is what keeps you up at night and the one that can get you started in the morning. The first goal, obviously, is to find it. Everyone runs on their own time and some get a head start in the right direction. While others float around waters to find their own course. Either way, we’re all in the waters. The ends may vary from shallow to deep.

So, how do we break the imaginary leash? How do we jump out of the nest? How do we dive into the deeper end?

“Yeah, smarty pants! We all know the questions? What’s the answer?”

Can the answer help the horse understand that the leash tied to the wood is easier for him to break than he imagines? But who’ll explain it to him? Unless he himself tries to do it.


No one can estimate their strength unless they try. Try to break that shell. Fall from the nest before learning to fly. Learning to pedal away without a few scratches. It’s the trial that counts. And probably the one that lends strength to our cause.

So, let’s head out into the world, trying to break our leashes.