With a hand on top of the grinder, I wait patiently for the semi-frozen ice-cream to smoothen itself.

Yes, I can take my hands off. But thanks to that one hot-tomatino incident and the effort it took to clean up the kitchen, I am extra careful with it.

Anyways, in that minute, I was reminded of a time when I was a kid when Ammi made ice-cream. I would, as impatient a kid can be, open the fridge to check if the ice cream is set or not. Way too often.

I loved the fridge. There used to be something good to eat, always. It was either that or the struggle to get my hands of the bournvita or Amulya.

In order to stop this a plastic lizard was placed on top of the door. And of course, it worked.
Over time I did realize that it was plastic. But still, I couldn’t muster courage to open the fridge. So, I would take a stick and remove it from the door and then carry out the ‘heist’.

You see even when it was clear that it’s plastic, I still had that same fear. The brains take so much time to process new found information.

Sometime later, I would throw the same lizard over to my sister. The screams.

I should try that again! But before that, I should check if ice-cream is set or not.