A light drizzle, fluttering winds and my resolve of finding silence in the midst of all the honking from traffic jams few meters away.

All this, when the lights are off. You see, electricity and rains don’t like to meet.

While talking to Ammi, she mentions the same. Although it’s a relief to have rains when Summer is almost on the door.

Did someone whispered, “Spring” ? A little loud, please ?

English Medium!!!

Intrestingly, if you ask people, they’ll have their ‘favorite’ season. Rains, Winter or even Summer. The answer is ready!

But frankly, no one likes any one of them. They all like bits of it.

(Look at me with my ‘they’. As if!!)

No one enjoys the excess of any of the three seasons. Like Summer is fine as long as we’re under the fan. Or preferably an AC! Ice creams. Vacations. And yes, Mangoes.

And when it rains ? The obsessing over the smell of the soil, bhutta, bhajji, chai. 

Winters make sure that we like the Sun. Becoming lazier than we are. And a mission to help us save the previous water.

I have to think a little harder to compile a list of what I don’t like. And you know why is that ?

(Rhetorical. Do you think I wait for your Yes?!)

We forget the things we don’t like about these seasons quite easily. Like we crave for rains as soon as the heat goes up and then complain, Why does it rain so much?!

Holistic. We are not. When we think.

But then, where’s the fun, when we don’t have anything to whine about ?