I’m currently utilizing my free-month-subscription from Amazon and in the course of it, started watching “The Good Wife”. It is engaging and good in parts. Just another one of those American Law-dramas. Although, I’m still in season 1, and should not speculate.

In one of the episodes, a teenager gifts a Music Casette to another, claiming that his parents will agree to anything if he starts listening to this! He needs a little rebellion in life. Now, what’s this ?

It is the Azaaan. Or as they referred it as, “Islamic Music” in the show.

A paranoid grandmother complains to her grand-daughther about the incident and how she should take the children more often to the Church.

The other puts on a smile. And so did I.

It is funny.

However, it makes me realize how paranoid people can be. It doesn’t take much for people to become afraid of any idea. What they don’t understand, they fear.

Everytime someone wants to talk about Islam, I’m more than happy to explain whatever little I know. More often, because of these questions, I learn more about it. But I do sense a lot of hesitance in people whenever they start asking a question. The often used, “You don’t mind me asking this, right” is quite normal.

But then why won’t it be ? A lot of people shy away from talking about “complex” things. They fear they’ll be misunderstood. People are hesitant to ask, thinking about the very same thing. It works both ways.

This hesitance gives rise to fear which then gives way to hate. And we all know how that’s turning out to be.