Whenever I plan to head out to airport, which is like another city in itself, I try to catch a bus. Yaar kuch to paise bach jaen. And never have I been able to get one. Paying over 700-800 to an Uber just doesn’t sound right to me.
Usually, I’m in a hurry (..Because I’m usually late) and hence have to resort to hailing a cab, as opposed to the bus. No amount of planning has ever made it possible. Today, I thought to myself, aaj to bus me hi jaunga and spend the rest on a few over-priced cappuccino at the airport.

But then…

In my head, 11 PM was the right time to get the bus and head over. Even at the cost of sacrificing sleep which I’ve been managing at an average of 5 hours since last Friday.

Why, you ask? Well, Oscar Marathon is WIP!

Anyways, with Uber trying to be Uber-pricey, I downloaded Ola again. Yes, we have a install-uninstall sorta relationship.

Ola never disappoints. Yes, the first 2 rides were cancelled by the drivers. First, because he won’t accept Ola Money and wanted Cash and the other wasn’t excited about a trip to the airport with me. I mean, Valentine’s day hai, aaj bhi rejection? (As, if!)

Third time’s a charm, anyways. Booked the ride and started off. The driver looked excited and then I opened my laptop to write this.

Chalo, let me try out my non-existent small talk skills with him and not doze off to the wind.

Another 4-hour wait for Ammi-Abbu to arrive!