Fundamentally, most stories are similar in parts. The elements it comprises of are essentially cross similar paths in their entirety.

It is because of this reason that we can relate to atleast one or a few of those characters, their expedition from origin to completion or if not anything else, their emotions. In case we don’t see ourselves, we aspire to be one of them or even picture others we know.

All of this is from the viewer slash listener point-of-view.

When we venture to the other side. The back-end. Situation is the same. The characters are crafted upon the inspiration presented by the real life. Or the value system that aspires to be those characters. Sometimes even shades which are darker. The paint-brush is still back-stage, after all.

But not every story resonates. On occasions it does but isn’t accepted. The artists’ effort lies in making an story that he envisions into THE story. The nuances added to this transformation and how the image is conjured up, defines the story.

Everyone has a story. To the right audience, every story is interesting. But a story only becomes the story, when it can promulgate across audience sets, and still understood.