“Why” is that one question which is the most difficult to figure out. We can look up for a “What” and there can be a definition for it. If we’re not able to figure out the “how” of something, we somehow manage to do that as well. But it is the “Why” that gets really difficult to figure out.

“Why” is highly opinionated. Sure, the same argument can be made for a “what” or a “how”, but if one has to compare the degree of it all, then most definitely, “Why” will not only top the charts but remain there undefeated.

“Why is this happening?”! “Why this?”, or “Why that” is a question that has as many variations as a windows update!

And even after a while, when we develop a little age-wise wisdom, the answers to those “why’s” keep on changing.

The usual answers that echo, include karma (which has the habit of biting back) or “maybe something good will come out of it”. Yeah, Right!

The “Why’s” make us very restless. They overlap other emotions. They interfere in our work. Our mundane lives and continuously push us to keep asking ourselves, “Why?!” Yes, with an exclmation marks! They love the over-dramatized effects. They love when we add adjectives or even ask God for the answer! As if!

All we end up doing is, either to keep ourselves occupied, or to write some useless thoughts like the one I just did. Hah!