Jinhe naaz hai hind par wo kahan hain ?

Whenever I watch any of Guru Dutt’s classic, a question pops up in my mind, always!

How did we reach to what we’ve been watching now, considering many other of his classics were released in 50’s!

Anyways, I could go on and on about Guru Dutt, but that’s for another day and needs a lot more detailing.

Today, I just wanted to share this video of “Jinhen naaz hai Hind pe wo kahan hain?”. Of course, I’ve shared this on multiple occasions and I never get tired to watch or share it again. This is my attempt to make his films reach new audiences.

“Madad chahti hai ye hawwa ki beti..
Yashoda ki hamjins, Radha ki beti..
Payammar ki Ummat.. Zulekha ki beti..
Jinhen Naaz hain hind pe, wo kahan hain?”

Sahir Ludhiyanvi simplified his original, “Chakley” to make this reach out to the masses for the film, “Pyasa”. To think how much our new-age “filmmakers” have to dumb-down content makes me laugh at what they did in 50’s!

The song although just captures the life in Kothas amidst red-light areas can be easily transported to any setting to ask, “Jinhen naaz hai hind pe wo kahan hain ?”

And it’s not just about the beauty of the song but the less over-powering music by SD Burman and the visible pain in Guru Dutt’s eyes and the adaegi .

How I wish to be born in times when he was alive.



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Jaane wo kaise log the


  1. Timeless music these are. And, not to forget the music composed by Salil Chowdhury…he is one of my all time favourites.

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