It’s not every day that one ponders upon the past choices and throws themselves back to the horizons of time. Like, if there was a time machine, but only here certain stuck upon memories doing the job for you. Free of cost, you’d think. Eh ? But no, they are a strain on a lot of painful nerves that you may have silenced, or at least tried to. Best way to not do that is either not think about it or keep yourself constantly occupied.

The first option is quite tricky, because the more you try to run away, brush it off, put on a fake smile as if to allow the outward personality to soak in the pseudo-happiness, etc actually makes you remember them more. Just in that tiny little corner of our minds, one little weepy kid is always ready to burst out crying.

The second option is the best and practically possible as well, to keep yourself occupied with the mundane or just about anything specific. Well, with keeping yourself busy, one can surely avoid a lot of things and these memories can just be kept in check. But even then, there are lots of things which just linger around, only to strike you down at your lowest point. Yet again. As if they were waiting for an opportunity. An opening, through which they could all sneak in. Strike when it’s Hot, is the moto they follow perhaps.

Coming back to the choices part. I’ve heard a lot of people rue about missed chances, bad choices, carelessness, etc. I won’t say, I’ve never been a cry baby ever. Still, the only thing I’ve realized is, there are nothing called bad choices.Nothing called missed chances. It was not the proactiveness or the lack of it, resulted into those choices going wrong. It was just meant to teach a lesson. Meant to give us, what they call wisdom. Now, the option in hand for us is not to rue as to why it happened but to learn from those mistakes which we did. Or rather instead of calling them a mistake, lessons we learnt is more appropriate.

So, let us try and not be cry babies.