In search of that calmness…

Calmness is what I seek, in morning, in evening or even in the dark night. I anticipate it as how a hungry stomach does for food. It is not my food. It is just a necessity for my soul. I might assume that this, in general, is true for everyone, but just don’t feel to include anyone else into this personified glory of calmness. Call me selfish maybe, but well I’m also in the process of not giving a damn. Easier said than done? Well, yes it is!!

The prime reason I started typing out this post was the weather today. Strolling down for some coffee, in and around dusk, while the wind striking slowly and the sun in the west bows down for the day. Not too fast or cold. Just the optimum. Just what I needed.

Generally, I’d like myself to believe that a “good time” is when you have a great laugh, eat some amazing food or enjoy a beautifully made movie, mostly in the company of your loved ones. But there’s a part of me that actually waits moments like these to give the soul what it needs.

This evening alone, with this serene weather is not the only occasion. Occasionally, many of these soul-quenching moments camouflage themselves in a walk post-dinner; standing on the doors of a moving train with earphones plugged in and most recently discovered offering prayers before the Almighty Allah or even reading the holy book Quran.

There are numerous examples when it comes to attaining peace and building up of those calm moments. Even writing down a blogpost without having to look for words, when they just flow through as if I am speaking my heart out, is what calmness can be defined as my me.

But I still wonder why I always run towards chaos? Why I am attracted towards the noise or the clichéd avenues of “enjoyment”? When all my soul and my mind needs is peace. A sense of calmness.

Now, asking questions like these are sure-shot spoilers of ruining the moment or it is just another way of reminding myself that over thinking or stressing too much on things is never going to give out any results. So, just let it be. Whatever has to happen, will happen with the grace of Allah. What I can look towards is being calm. This is what I can try. And yes, I will attain it too.


Syahi khatm jo hogayi..


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  1. Sometimes our life is calm but our heart and mind are far away from it. What we need is inner peace, regardless of what is happening around us. I only seem to find it when I pray to and connect with Allah.

    Aside from prayer, I also take shelter in films… because that’s a whole different world, almost a form of meditation because I forget my troubles and worries during that time. But like everything else, that too is temporary. I hope Allah will give us all lasting inner peace and the ability to come to terms with ourselves, our lives and our decisions.

    It’s just my take on your post.

    • So True, I do the same. Having faith in Allah and praying to him, helps a lot. It gives immense strength to me to face anything and everything.
      and do agree that whatever else we do, to distract ourselves is only temporary. In sha Allah, we’ll attain peace with Allah’s guidance.

      Thanks for the read and your insight. 🙂

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