Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Runtime: 90 minutes

The best part about Gravity is, it makes you feel the lack of it, takes you in space right from the first Visual. An exceptionally picturised outer-space greets you, all across the simple-yet-effective survival story.  Although, a bit around the middle of this short plot, it takes a small fall but jumps back to give a perfect ending.


Gravity Movie ReviewSandra bullock (Playing Dr. Ryan) is a first-timer along with the veteran Astronaut George Clooney( Matt Kowalski) for an Explorer mission, but then a missile strike on a Russian sateliite creates a chain reaction of debris destroying most of the satellites in outer space, and Explorer (the satellite they are working on) was no different. With only two of them left, the survival story begins.

Apart from using just two actors, the only other star of the movie is its’ brilliant soundtrack by Stephen Price. The space mini-odyssey wouldn’t have been complete without its’ musical presence along with the visual appeal the movie brings upon.

George Clooney, fills the movie with his charm and makes the moments enjoyable and helps steer Sandra Bullocks’ life ship in the movie whenever required. Meanwhile giving the story a boost up whenever it tried to seep into the boring-o-sphere. Sandra Bullock appears good in patches and its’ the last 20 minutes, which brings out the best in her.

Everything works well for the movie, directed by Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaben director Alfonso Cuarón, who directs Gravity, which is sure to be rated as one of the best made space survival story. The special effects are good and the soundtrack even better, there’s hardly anything which you can find fault with. Except, the small duration where the slow and lonely space makes its’ presence felt, but the short duration of the movie is there for your rescue.

The short, beautiful and calm movie with your 3D glasses on is a treat ignoring some of the slow moving scenes around the middle. But the climax with a good ending makes up for that. Don’t miss this.

I’m going with a 3.5/5 for Gravity, which makes you love outer-space.

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