Raheem walked out of the mosque, with a series of beggars pestering him to give alms. He gave some of it, from whatever he had, calculating at the same time on what all other expenses he had. After having parted with some of it, there were still a plenty of folks around which didn’t got anything, he walked away thinking wish he had some more to spare.

Anvesha came down from the auto-rickshaw, only to find a series of kids vying to get anything that she could spare, more so that “change” coming her way from the Auto-walah. Having given some to the kids holding her chunni, she tried to go her way to office. Only to find more kids running towards her. She again took out her purse and gave a few more to the others and then fled the scene, only to save anything more that she possessed.

It’s not like every other person has that innate quality to share what they have. But when we are talking about being positive and sharing something positive, let’s just stick to that. Right?

Raheem and Anvesha, both are the everyday youths that you see around. It may be you, your friend, your siblings, or even the one roaming around the street. They have this desire to contribute to the society that they are part of, to help it stand upright and be counted, to see smiling faces all around. They don’t want to be caught up in a situation where they have to “calculate” as to how much they ought to give to the child holding their arms or to women standing in the heat outside a mosque/temple. They don’t want to see a part of society be suffering in front of their eyes and they become the ones who are not doing enough.

This “not-doing-enough”  bit, irks most of them. They want to, but lack the means to achieve the desire to get the socially unequal part of the system become a part of it.

But then, what all options do they have? Wait to become rich and then contribute towards this initiative?

What if there is an alternative just right here, for students, for the youth to go ahead and indulge in helping the societies’ downtrodden in becoming equals.

ICONnect: Joy of giving week

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship brings about an opportunity for the young bloods in a first of its kind event called ICONnect in Bengaluru that gives students and young professionals a golden opportunity to ‘shadow’ a leader of their choice. XIME has always emphasized on giving back to society and this is a great way to do so. XIME also has a very active Social club called Xseed, which has been organizing events from time to time to help the neglected strata of society.

ICONnect is actually a measure to celebrate the Joy of Giving week, the largest philanthropic event in India by far with 2012 witnessing: 2 million+ people participation from all walks of life 80+ cities 800+ events registered (from small individual events to those involving >100,000 people) Rs 30cr+ generated in donations of cash and materials Millions of volunteer hours WHO MAKES IT HAPPEN? Everyone! Media, NGOs, corporate, schools, colleges, celebrities, govt & public. 100% volunteer driven. Each city/town creates its own “core team” that reaches out and inspires people to participate. Various individuals and groups create their own “giving events”. With some support from the core team. A few large events make it possible for everyone else to “participate”.

What ICONnect has for you?

Well, a double bonanza in the form of not just contributing to the cause of society as well as get to interact with your favorite business leader. The Students and young professionals would have a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience. Students and young professionals will bid in a one week window starting from October 2nd and the highest bidders among the students and young professional will get to spend one day with the leader of their choice. The bid money will be channelized to a charity of the leader’s choice. Events in line with ICONnect have been conducted by the IIMs and ISB at the national level. Our event will focus on leaders and bidders in Bengaluru. This also presents an opportunity to the business leaders to fulfill their CSR initiatives in a manner, which involves others from the society into the process, adding  true value to the Joy of “giving”

ICONnect: Joy of giving

While money is being raised for a novel cause, benefiting you in the process, it also presents a great example for others to use a platform like this, in order to bring about the much needed change that our contrastingly divided society, where the gap between poor and rich still continues to stand and laugh at our faces.

Let the change begin AND the Joy of giving be enjoyed.

You can follow the developments on the ICONnect website or like the facebook page to keep updated on the issue.