Independence Day is just 10 days away and what better way to celebrate it than by celebrating the freedom of Speech??

ReveringThoughts bring to you a write-up competition this Independence day, CELEBRATING AZADI. Come and be part of the contest, celebrating freedom of speech. Add your dash of creativity to win some exciting prizes. We are not looking for serious speeches and essays, but how creative you can make the topic to be.

Independence day contest at XIME

Copy+Paste has been the most useful innovation for our generation, but believe me we would like you to be less innovative here.

The whole contest would be divided into two rounds. The first round would involve individual entry submission on the topic that would be given on that particular day. You would be given the topic on the stroke of midnight, and 24 hours to jot down your thoughts in a creative way in and around the topic within a day.

5 entries would be shortlisted for the second and final round and would be featured on the ReveringThoughts’ s blog and the facebook page. The finalized entries would then be open for voting (Voting on Social media) and the final decision on the basis of votes gathered (Likes and Shares) would decide the ultimate winner. For the second round as well, the duration of voting would be limited to just one day after they are live on the Facebook page.

Celebrating Independence day

For the purpose of being fair and just, we would like to keep a separate Registration number for you and during the first round of evaluation; the Jury would only know you by your Registration number. (No biasing, you know). Once the selected entries would be live for voting, your name shall be back there to help you get the required votes.

Prizes and schedule would be announced on the first day of the contest. (Yes, we like to surprise others)

Registration begins NOW and would close on 11th August, 2013.

Further details will be made available, once you register.


Click here to register!!


P.S This contest is only open for Indian Residents.