I‘ve never bothered to book tickets for the train beforehand and this time was no different. But when the trains were running full, I realized I had made a mistake. So, I was forced to make the journey by bus.

The problem hasn’t ended here only, it was just a start. Midway towards the destination, the bus developed some problem and was told to wait till morning.

A certain sort of smell took me to a nearby dhaba, and made me order Paranthe, chicken butter masala and tadka daal until my mouth gave up, for want of some liquid intake to gulp in what all I had stuffed up. It being May, Lassi was what I ordered, to make way for the food that kept coming in, and I didn’t bothered to say No. And all of it cost me just 30 rupees in total!!! Somehow got to know about a particular person going in that route in his Safari, boarded it and began the adventurous ride.

the dhaba food

Although in this case as well, there was a plan to stop for a while in another town near Ghatsila, at least waiting here for the bus to get repaired, sounded more boring that driving along with Rohit, the guy who was giving me the lift, and waiting there itself.

After chit-chats spanning across our timeline of being alive and laughs being exchanged, we zoomed out on the highway.

Rohit dropped me off to wait around the market, while he’d finish off his work and pick me up after 2 hours. Fair enough, I strolled slowly out to check out the nearby market. Shops were being opened for the day and the shopkeepers were busy calling me to see if I wanted to buy shirts or jeans or anything that they sold.

First and foremost, I went in to a nearby hotel to have my breakfast. It was difficult to order the food with too much of a crowd thronging that place at this time. With a plate of samosas and vada ordered and completely feeling satiated with the food, I came out with a contented look on my face.

A little while later, I saw a shop selling peda, the sweet that I love the most. I didn’t had any space left anywhere in my stomach, but after having tasted it, couldn’t resist not making some space in my bag.

Second hand book shops

Food was not the only thing that I bought there; I even ended up purchasing second-hand copies of some of the bestseller international books and some Bermudas for the summer, and all of this just for dirt cheap prizes. I am not at all a shopaholic but getting these things at such cheap rates, from food to clothes to even books; it did got me a high.

Even the time flew very quickly and Rohit arrived to drive back me back home. Eating the pedas, I sweet-smiled my way back home, thinking about the best drive of my life.


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