Cast: Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi sinha, Adil Hussain, Barun chanda

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Running Time: 153 minutes
It’s the little nuances of Bengal and the bygone era that has been beautifully captured in Vikramaditya Motwani’s Lootera. Filled with some really good romantic moments, while presenting you with the complexities of the characters, this mixture of romance, innocent light-hearted moments make your eyes a little moist and makes Lootera, a good movie. The intensity grows on you as the film progresses, only to form a lump in your throat towards the end as you leave the theatre.

lootera movie review
Coming back after the critically acclaimed Udaan, Vikramaditya’s Lootera brings up the romance come alive. Set in 1950’s and loosely based on O.Henry’s Last leaf, it builds up as it progresses in its intensity.

The story in the first half of lootera revolves around a Zamindar‘s daughter Pakhi (Sonakshi sinha) and the new-in-town Archaeologist Varun (Ranveer singh)’s brewing love story which cannot materialize because of the baggage with which the clean-shaven hero comes from. But as destiny would have it, they do fall in love.

Things take a turn, and they are separated. Only to meet later, knowing that they still love each other, yet not feasible to be together. The story is about why they were separated and how they meet again and what happens post that.

It works all fine, except for the fact that the many of the available talent at Motwane’s disposal wasn’t used. Be it Adil hussain of English Vinglish fame (playing the cop), or Divya dutta (playing the maid of sonakshi in the second half). A little more on these characters would have worked wonders. Although Vikrant Massey as Ranveer’s friend is impressive and so is Bikram chanda as the Manikpur Zamindar, playing Sonakshi’s father.

The love story does compensate for every other minute fault by being as earnest as possible, while at the same time, keeping you entertained. Screenplay by Vikramaditya and Bhavani Ayer is refreshing and keeps you engaged.

Sonakshi Sinha is undoubtedly the star of the movie displaying amazing understanding of the character, pulling off the Bengali look with élan and making you feel sorry for her character which goes through so much for the sake of love.

Ranveer singh, with the unshaven look displays maturity and brings about a new side to his acting. But in the second half, where his dark side takes over, rather gets revealed, is inconsistent.
Scenes involving the couple have great depth, certain romanticism rarely seen; keeping the sensibilities of that period of 50’s in mind. The small and only love-making scene is effective. The dialogues are not exaggerative, even for a movie set in the early 50’s Bengal, their innocence in terms of delivery will put on a smile on your face, while sometimes even making you feel their pain from it.

Director Vikramaditya puts in his effort by making Lootera look perfectly like it was set in the 50’s Bengal, with too much detailing on each and every little thing shown in the movie. While the Amit TrivediAmitabh Bhattacharya duo works wonder with the music and lyrics again. Sawaar loon adds to the romantic feel while Zinda is equally good.

The first half is perfectly brilliant, not just for the cinematography by Mahendra J shetty but the consistency in the characters and the sublime and subtleness attached. They bring about the complexities of the human minds out in front of the camera.

I’m going with a 4/5 for Lootera. Watch it for the amazing details and depth. The variety that Sonakshi brings in her character and the 50’s Bengal captured brilliantly.