Ghanchakkar: My review

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya balan, Namit das, Shekhar kapoor

Director: Raj kumar Gupta

It runs smoothly in bits but refuses to take off every single point it tries to. And there’s trouble in those “smoother parts” as well. Ghanchakkar, isn’t impressive cinema although was designed to be one, and as it turns out, is forgetful, much like the protagonist in the movie. The one-liners do make you laugh, but it all loses as the plot progresses. The end product disappoints.

ghanchakkar movie review
Ghanchakar, starring the serial-kisser-turned-actor Emraan Hashmi, who after a bank robbery forgets where he has kept all the money and turns into “Ghajini’s Aamir”. The film also stars, The Vidya Balan, who after a series of amazing performances, in movies like Dirty picture and Kahaani, is a ultra-modern fashion freak, wearing obnoxiously loud colors, a mix of 70s and 80s, yet calling it all as the latest from Femina, Vogue and the like.

The plot revolves around the memory loss of Sanju (Played by Emraan Hashmi) who has slashed away the money somewhere, to be taken out when things get a little thanda. But forgets the place where he hid the money filled suitcase. The other characters in the movie, Pandit(Rajesh Sharma of Khosla ka ghosla and No one killed Jessica fame) and Ilyas( played by Namit das of Wake up sid fame), his partners in the now-forgotten crime, are adept at trying to help him remember the location of their heist. Neetu bhabi (Vidya as called by pandit and Idris), without too much of visible tension regarding all this, even with the threat of being killed by the two associates of the crime, continues to be obsessed with her loud fashion statement.


The movie, centering on Sanju’s memory, tries to move with a pace which this plot doesn’t require, it is sloppy. The only thing you look forward to in a movie like this is, where this all unfolds to. Whether he had really forgotten as to where he kept the money? Or just trying to double cross others? The build up to this most important suspense is uninspiring.
There are of course, some really good scene picturizations, but then still fails to make a mark. One seriously funny impact one scene had, was the one in which the characters’ are robbing a bank. The funny part is neither the dialogues, nor the situation, but only the masks (Dharmendra, Amitab and Utpal dutta) that they wear, making you laugh. Here also, it just fails to turn it into great scene, even with an interesting concept.

The actors do try put in excessive amount of effort to end up being in the middle of nowhere. Vidya playing the highly fashion-obsessed panjaban, does try to put in her best foot forward, but still with this plot you may end up finding faults. Emraan, makes a solid case of displaying the confused amnesia look. Even scenes where he has to eat, the less/more salt laden food of his wife brings out the sufferings of the average husbands.

Rajesh and Namit are wasted. The first half tries to portray them as the being the comical gangsters, laughing at one-liners on each others’ faces, while the second half makes them be frustrated because of Emraan not able to get them their money. These two could have given the plot, the much needed impetus to kick itself out of the egg-shell which it confines itself to and make this worth the price and time of your ticket. Director Raj kumar Gupta, who directed Amir and No one killed Jessica, falls short of making the concept work. The innocence of Amir or the intensity of Jessica was missing.
Amit trivedi again puts the life in terms of music, understanding the plot and making music accordingly is what he again excels in. Ghanchakkar babu and Allah Meherban are really amazing.
Ghanchakkar, isn’t bad but with the plot ending up being nowhere, is sure a waste.

I’m going with a very generous 2/5 for Ghanchakkar. Watch it if you don’t have anything else to do, this Ghanchakkar might not be the crazy option you are looking for the weekend fun.


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  1. Shadab

    Genuine Review !!

  2. hahaha you have been generous !! maine bhi paise barbaad kiye .. but not actually because of those two characters – they were fun to the core Rajesh Sharma and Namit 😀 hahaha and that mask you reminded hahahaha.. Utpal Dutt mask was so hilarious !!
    The horrible part was the the theft .. made so easy !! No background of lead characters as to why they were( I mean Emraan) chosen for this ! The abdrupt entry of a new man at the end and then the end itself was the last nail in the coffin!
    I may have given 1 for Pandit and Namit 😀

    • I felt even Pandit and Namit’s characters were not shown the way it has to be. The first half is so much in contrast with the second, just as per their character. That supposedly funny scene involving the phone sex look nothing less than embarrassing.
      Hope others didn’t wasted their money 😛

  3. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  4. Bushra

    ‘Serial-kisser-turned-actor’ you had me rolling there! Haha…. Dunno about the movie but your review was entertaining enough… And what’s more! You actually reminded me i had some friends i haven’t talked to since ages! 😀 Thanks there!

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