Of Rain, Raincoats and Paper Boats…

Rain drops are falling. Seems a switch up there, someone forget to turn off. It’s been two days!!! Dude, its summer??!!

Not that I’m complaining.

Thing is, this lad is in the middle of his internship, or Summer Internship. Aren’t you being a big hurdle in the process of his “learning”?? Yes you dear, the one who switched it on.

Now apart from the cribbing, there’s a lot to be admired about this situation. The weather has indeed brought out the romance in me, where I see myself enjoying its beauty like never before.

Enjoying those falling droplets on the dehleez, to the nice patterns they make near the window, to the washed and turned into green leaves looking like they got a makeover, to intentionally getting wet in the rain just to feel the awesomeness coming down from up there all over me, I’m doing it all.

Not just that, it has taken me back in time. Time where, as kids rain used to mean an excuse to miss school. A day off used to mean making paper boats and becoming sailors in the rain-made rivers flowing down the gali. I still remember how boat-races between siblings and friends were so much fun. Even the neighborhood mango-tree was kind enough to drop in a few raw mangoes, which along with salt was a little treat of sorts

paper boats

Even on days, when school going couldn’t be excused, rain-coats and those amazing stories we had with them can never be forgotten. With bags tucked inside, as if we have a hump, playing on our way to school with the numerous streams of water, was the name of the game. Sometimes, when there was just a slight drizzle an umbrella would replace the raincoat, but definitely not the fun with rain. Opening a wet umbrella on a friend, or to even open it with the press of a button was like firing on with a gun.

Coming back to my little cribbing (Yes, I’m so used to it). Even back then, too much of rain always played spoilsport, especially for cricket-only-playing kids like us. And even when they stopped, the ground was hardly playable. But yes, Football was what we explored sometime, on muddy grounds with rain falling in, those were fun days.

Nostalgia, nostalgia and nostalgia!! Back home, everything takes you back to those wonderful times.

And how different is it now??


Like all non-atheist souls out on earth, praying to the almighty for rains in the midst of summer is a very common occurrence. And this time, when I’ve turned into a Salesman it was an even more of an urgent requirement. Thankfully, it did arrive. Bringing with it relief as well as an added advantage of an excuse for a No-work-scenario. (Now, this excitement of bunking, still brings in joy)

I take a coffee and sit down near the window, looking forward to enjoying the beauty that this weather bestows upon poor souls like us. It is not the one with exquisite and delicate designs that you enjoy the most, but these simple pleasures of a hot cup of coffee and watching beauty unfold before your eyes.

But what you don’t see is, paper boats flowing downstream in the water in our gali. Maybe those video games out there are to be blamed.




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  1. Prerna Chauhan

    Nostalgia 🙂 .. Your post makes me want to go back in time and be at home during the rains again 🙂 .. As usual, it touches my heart 🙂 .. Good job ! 🙂

  2. Aww! Makes me think of paper boats and garam chai with pakora. The simple things are always the ones that leave the deepest impressions 🙂

    • Hai na ? 🙂 Even i went back into that old world of paper boats. It was such bliss, just at the thought of those days. Couldn’t get those days back, but I am eating Lot of pakodis and Coffee in the rains happening here! #Jamshedpur

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