Love and Love stories…

                                           “Love and Love stories”

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear them??

Okay, I get it. And that is exactly not the thing I am going to talk about.

If I had to sum it up in just one-word, I’d say Exaggerated.

It’s nothing but fictitiously-over-dramatic and surrounded by a never-existing-artificial-aura created by movies, literature and some over-the-years stories by people for whom the word logic is like some alien entity and the world of fantasy is actually reality. And of course, we loved our tradition so much, that this idioticity has continued ever since, with its series of “updates” and “added feature versions”. (Even more than what, Mozilla or IE can come up with).


I am not saying that this whole thing does not exist or its too idiotic for it to actually take place or is in total contrast with  (although, some voice in my head, even says so ), but just the whole concept of Love and love stories are so exaggerated to the extreme.

Thing is, we all are so selfish in our needs that we always look forward to have people around us who will lend us their support, physically and emotionally (sometimes, one leads to another and vice-versa). In order to attain this “need-based-relation”, we look out for people who may fit this criteria or a series of criteria’s depending on our league. Criteria’s vary, no doubt. Some may be stated as…

1. Packaging-

“Love at first sight”,

I’m sure you must have heard about this one for sure. Many products don’t get sold, just because their packaging does not meet the expectation of the consumer.

2. Content-

“Content is the king”,

They say it for the critically acclaimed movies that get success at the box office (like getting the best of both worlds) and reason it out that star-power alone won’t make a movie successful. Well, the 100-crore movie club makes me doubt that.

3. Durability-

jo tikta hai, wo bikta hai”,

Well some don’t take decisions in haste. Playing the wait-game is what they like. Patience is the key for many of the “transactions” taking place in this world.

4. And numerous blah-blah things, which I better, not start mentioning.


I know, I am commodifying the whole concept of “Love”, but then this is what, examples in and around made me believe.

I am not alone, in what many of the “love-struck reader’s” won’t be liking to hear, of commodifying the idea of love, the idea of actually loving someone apart from your family “unconditionally”. To give my commodified thoughts some strengths, the whole celebration of various “love”days (esp., February), is I believe in reality is doing exactly that and which is nothing but a propaganda by these gift and card-making multi-national chains.

Love it, hate it. Do what you want. But, for God’s sake, Don’t exaggerate it.




The last tree standing……


  1. Prerna Chauhan

    Bold move :p … Ul prolly come under the radar of every love struck person who reads this :p .. Nevertheless, seamless execution 🙂 .. I absolutely enjoyed reading this one 🙂 .. Keep up the interesting work ! 🙂

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