It’s my 18th day in this room and I am content with its ambiance and also people with whom I share all of this, my Roomies. Our room is located on the second floor of the hostel building, the Wi-Fi router of this floor is just above the main door and is just next to the water purifier kept for the whole of second floor. The other door opens up to our balcony which gives us a good view of the lavish green surroundings as well as the neighboring corporate companies where we might just end up working someday. Also, our balcony is the favorite spot for the cool winds that blow around this part of Bangalore and no matter which time of the day, you go out there, the wind will accompany you. Kind of like the hutch ad days, “wherever you go, we follow you” .
The balcony is also a place where we dry up all our clothes after washing them. And yes, I have started washing clothes which happens to be one of the many good things that I learnt after coming to room no. 24. So, all in all, its location is a very big plus and maybe that is the reason for its awesomeness.
                   On this 18th day of my stay in room no.24, I can definitely say that my roomies are my good friends in this college and being my roommates they are a notch higher than that as well. Both of them come from totally different cultures as compared to me and so there is always this element of getting to know something new about them, their culture and their language ( the last one is really tough 😛 ) . One, Manu john, is from Kerala and the other, Mithun Johnson, is from Tamil nadu. Both of them are engineers, unlike me, and Mithun also has some work experience up his sleeves.  Manu is always seen with his laptop doing one thing or the other while our “Marathon-man” Mithun is always seen running, sometimes in the gym and sometime in the football field. Thanks to him, I’ve again started going to gym (another good thing that has happened with me after I came to room no.24  😛 ). We are the last one  who check out of the hostel gates in the morning and no matter at what time we sleep or wake up, we do the same as each of us wait for the other to get ready.
                      There are problems too, we still don’t have our cupboard locks, one of the fans doesn’t work, whenever someone uses the bathroom in the third floor there is a leakage, etc. But there are problems everywhere in every point of time and in everyone’s life but how you cope up with them turns you into a strong person.(yeah, turning philosophical too 🙂 ) On the back of our front door, there is a signature of three of our seniors who stayed in this very room, with a caption “Amazing life” written down there.
I’ve wondered each day, will our life will be the same once we finish our stay in this room? I just wish for the best.  It’s not just about this room that adds awesomeness to our life but also all the people in this second floor who happen to be a part of our life now. Being a pseudo-optimist, I think all will be well in the coming year and there will be another caption in the door of room no. 24 by us.