Childhood is one of the most treasured phases of our life. Some two days back I went to the mosque for Namaaz. While I was sitting there, some 4-5 kids came and sat beside me, all of them about 7-8 years of age, bustling with energy. I was just watching them talk among themselves and was reminded of my childhood days when I used to throng the mosque in groups.

I stopped myself from thinking more as prayers were about to start.

But once the prayer ended and I got out of the mosque, all I could think of, was about my ‘days’. How I used to be back then, and how time has brought so much of a change in me. I wondered how there used to be nothing other than having some fun on my mind.  There was hardly anything to think about.
And now, how one is needed to think innumerable things, from our career to studies to even girls. Each of them have their own distinct importance in your life. And the fact which we cannot deny is, one cannot run away from any of these things.
I long to go back to my childhood but my growing mustache tells me that I cannot! I wish, I had some magic power which would make me a child once again. But wishes remain wishes and this one is too good to be true.
In a year more I’ll even lose my teenager tag, n then it would become a more hectic life full of responsibilities. But I’m trying to be a little optimistic and hope I’ll enjoy my years ahead. IN SH ALLAH!